04-2017 REVELution artYou have been looking for support that is different than any other support you’ve ever experienced before. Someone who listens to you, feels you, and understands you – even when you cannot find the words. You’re longing to work with someone who has fun with life, refuses to take things too seriously, may even swear sometimes, and fully laughs from the belly.

Perhaps you are looking for an Energy Healer who provides support in healing your old wounds, releasing yourself from past programming and addictions, creating new beliefs, transitioning into healthier relationships, or stopping the cycle of abuse. Please read this article to get even clearer about what it looks like to do healing work with me: The Phoenix Energy is Focused, Powerful, and Demanding so I only work with Clients Who…

Maybe you are seeking an Energy Healer and Reiki Master Teacher who can guide you because you are just waking up to your metaphysical gifts, remembering who you are, and wondering what to do with all of your abilities as an Empath, Psychic, Intuitive, Sensitive, or Healer.

You could be a Soul-based entrepreneur who is looking for someone to support them in a unique way. Someone who understands energy and is able to translate ethereal visions into solid, real world branding, graphics, books, and products.



Healing Graphic Design Speaker



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