123Print.com USED TO provide incredible, fast, beautiful work. As a graphic designer, I have used them for eight years solely as my only printer for all of my clients’ projects and my personal work, so when my own business cards showed up pixelated, too dark, and blurry, I opted to give them another chance to get it right. Everyone can mess up once in a while, right?

First order placed on 1/20/16 and arrived on 2/1/16 with printing in ink colors that seemed to be “sick” – they were dull and muted with black “fuzz” around all of the artwork and typography.

shoddy work

Chatted with Marvin on 2/1/16 and he assured me they would get it fixed. He had me send the original artwork again via email, promised me he would expedite the order through production, and rush it 2-day it with UPS, and even provided a UPS tracking number so I would know when my cards would arrive.

On 2/10/16, when the cards still hadn’t arrived, I checked on my account and it showed that the “order processed” on 2/2/16, label printed 2/3/16. I checked the tracking number with UPS, but nothing had happened on that end. I contacted 123Print’s support again and got Melvin this time. He told me to contact UPS. UPS told me it was 123Print – that they hadn’t ever finished the process by requesting that UPS come pick it up. I got back in contact with 123Print and Melvin said for me to send them the artwork again. I did. He assured me he would expedite the order through production – again – and overnight the cards through UPS.

Imagine my surprise when today, 2/15/16, I opened my box of ONE THOUSAND business cards to discover…

shoddy work 1

OH MY GOD! I screamed and nearly threw the entire box across the room. All the vertical artwork and typography – which had been submitted in files that were obviously vertical and all other projects 123Print.com has printed for me with this artwork has been vertical – had been printed horizontally! I now have 1,500 business cards I cannot use.

Stay away from this company. I’m not sure what has happened that has made them go so far downhill, but they have. I provided ample opportunity for them to redeem themselves and they did not and I still am at square one, needing business cards.


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