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Soooo… there’s a 13th Constellation? DUH! There always has been. It’s not like, magically, some new stars popped into the sky. But, apparently, many astrologically-focused peeps are going into a panic and I’ve had several clients actually ask me about it, being enraged themselves. Here is my response…

First off… I am not into astrology – I literally DO NOT understand the language of astrology – so, honestly, I have no opinion about this.

Secondly… be certain of your sources, people. NOTHING in the media comes for free. It ALL has an agenda. And most of the agendas of the media conglomerates are designed to feed fear. YOU are your own source of truth. Trust only that.

Third… if you’re going to subject yourself to that which is broadcasted through the media, be sure to hit all of your basis and DO NOT go with the first message you receive until you have corroborated it for yourself and with your own inner truths. Do your research before you jump onto the first maniacal bandwagon that pulls up.

Fourth, here are some links to give you other viewpoints of this catastrophic event:…/nasa-new-zodiac-sign-ophiuchu……/nasa-didnt-change-your-ast…/…/no_nasa_didn_t_change_your_astrologi…


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