At the end of each year, I like to take a moment and glance through my blog to pull out the posts about experiences that were meaningful or life-changing or comical. Basically, whatever strikes my fancy – one for each month – makes this recap list and becomes “history in the making.”

I will post the opening paragraph and an accompanying picture if there is one. I hope you enjoy and… thank you for being a part of this adventure I’m on.

Temporary Home?
Okay… so… I’m driving home with my daughter tonight, feeling tender and raw after a few fairly emotional days. She and I find things to laugh about and I like that. Even in my saddest moments, she is able to bring laughter into my world. I cherish the gift of her. MORE

As of Late
What is up for me right now is the things I am saying/writing are being received in ways that are utterly different than what I mean. I’m waking up to the power of language and speaking clearly. Many times recently, I’ve said/written things that come from deep within me and are full of love and appreciation, only to have them evoke anger and argument and leave me feeling baffled and saying, “That is so not what I meant.” MORE


Moments and Memories
I was walking down the restaurant’s narrow hallway toward the restrooms and was just about to enter the women’s facilities when the door swung open, startling me. Filling the open space was a woman who stood about my height, had perfectly coifed bottle-auburn hair and sparkling brown eyes. She was bedecked in head-to-toe matching green, khaki and gold from the floral print shirt to her gold penny loafers. Around her neck were layers of dazzling gold necklaces, some of which swung to her belly, heavy-laden with baubles and pendants and from her ears dangled matching gold earrings. MORE

The month of April, sadly, had no unique posts but, rather all posts were imported from my Grace in Small Things. In those posts, I share at least five things that I am grateful for each day. If you’re interested, check it out.

Reflecting Back to Me
I’m so grateful for the loved ones in my life. I’m so grateful for my friends and family members who so gloriously reflect back to me that which I’m unable to see in myself… both good and bad. I feel blessed by the presence of so many amazing people in my life and, as I see myself through their eyes and get to know myself more by loving them, I’m learning what an amazing person I am myself. It’s such a beautiful gift! MORE

by William Ernest Henley MORE

A Thing or Two About Surprises
So, as I’ve been playing with “surprises,” I’ve had a few awarenesses about myself. (If you’re curious why I’m focusing on Surprises lately, read this post.) MORE

August and September are two more months like April. The few posts for these months are all imported from my Grace in Small Things project. Hmmm…

My book, Above the Clouds – A Courageous Journey of Hope, Love and Revelation is NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT! MORE

Seeing Me
Today, I gratefully arrived at the home of my best friend, Jen, and, in the stillness of the space, I climbed onto her bed, nestled under her fuzzy Broncos blanket and drifted blissfully off to sleep. I was extraordinarily tired from a night of restless tossing and turning amidst the nightmares and between the trips to the restroom to be sick. Feeling disoriented and as though I had traveled back and forth through time prior to waking added to the overall sensation of something just ain’t right. MORE

An Unexpected Tearful Realization
As I was studying the 1980’s, of all things, for my History homework, I somehow came across a video clip on YouTube that sparked this memory that I feel inclined to share here… MORE

One thing I discovered about this year is that I was absent more frequently from actually blogging, I didn’t share a lot that was going on in my world and I was doing a lot of internal healing about which I didn’t share. The coming year seems to be showing hints of many new and adventurous things.

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