I’ve noticed that, each morning this year, I have awoken with a sense of accomplishment AND a feeling of curious openness. This year feels momentous and magical and that feeling is oh so delicious.

I’m looking forward to participating in my life, being fully alive and continuing to create the life I am worthy of living. I am appreciating myself for sticking with it long enough to be able to be present for when the manifesting actually starts happening.

For a very long time, I didn’t see results and felt frustrated. And then, seemingly over night, “it” started happening. Now I’m watching as the pieces all line up in a delightful pattern of swirls and continuity.

The interesting thing is… for several years now one could hear me frequently saying, “It feels like something big is JUST around the corner.” However, I never rounded the corner and it was cause for frustration more often than not because that which was so tantalizing near was out of reach.

Yesterday I realized that I have rounded the corner. The “something big” is right here. Right now.

Seems to be a perfect cause for celebration.

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