I am often asked, “How do I know if I’m on the right path? How do I know what my Purpose is?”

I’ve discovered that people tend to think that “being on Purpose” is supposed to come with all kinds of bells and whistles, a grand parade with a marshal and everything, followed by some sort of sign from a magnanimous deity that says, “YOU! ARE! ON! THE! RIGHT! PATH!”

Truth is, it’s much simpler – and more complicated – than that, but there are some common signs to look for as you wonder about this.

You can know that you are on the “right path” or on Purpose when:

1- You cannot think about being/doing anything different.

There is a certain level of satisfaction that comes from being on Purpose. Things seem to “just click” into place beautifully and the idea of being/doing anything different is unappealing. In fact, it doesn’t even occur to you because you are so satisfied.

This doesn’t mean you don’t make changes within what you are already being/doing, because as with all things in life, growth comes through changes. But, it means that you don’t want to be/do anything else, like completely change your hats. You love what you are being/doing so being/doing anything else would feel incongruent.

2- You are excited about what you are being/doing.

I have tried out many things throughout my journey. Everything from office administrating to management to retail to MLMs to doing nails to massage to Energy Healing, but nothing was exciting to me for long enough to make it really stick until I chose into my work as an Energy Healer.

After training to do nails, I called in sick my first day and showed up late – and horrified – my second day. I didn’t want to do nails out in the world. I didn’t want to work in a salon. I just. didn’t. want. to. My second day was my last day in a salon, but I made a go of it at home. I loved working out of my home and providing the service to family and friends, but I grew tired of it pretty fast and couldn’t stand being around the toxic chemicals.

With massage, I went into that knowing I didn’t want to do massage. I was baffled about why I felt drawn to invest thousands of dollars and even more hours to go to school for it when I knew I didn’t want to do massage, but it makes sense now in hindsight. When I graduated, I forced myself to do massage. It was the worst six months of my life. I was so miserable and so frustrated. I would cringe when the phone rang. I wouldn’t call people back. I was the epitome of the horrible reputation of massage therapists and I couldn’t help it. There was nothing I could do to make myself be a supportive massage therapist because I just. didn’t. want. to. do. massage.

I realized recently that I love when someone new calls me now and I get to answer their call or call them back – whether it’s for graphic design, healing work, or an intuitive reading. I am excited when my phone rings or a text comes in or an email arrives. It thrills me that there are people that actually want to work with me.

3- One thing leads to the next and everything feels “guided.”

Massage school, even though I hated doing physical massage, created a domino effect of brilliance in my life. It led me to my Reiki Master Teacher and then… BOOM! that led me to Energy Healing and that led me to Phoenix Touch and that led me to opening up to all of my gifts and abilities and that led me to writing my book, Above the Clouds, and that led to many teaching opportunities and speaking gigs, and those have led to this incredible network of people that now continues to grow my Purpose with speaking, teaching, and healing opportunities.

One thing led to the next and now, even though I rarely do massage, everything I learned in massage school – and my life before that – is the foundation of everything I do now. I pull on all of it and every time something new shows up on the periphery of my senses and I feel that little voice go, “Aaaaaangieeee… what about this?” and I follow it, another new stepping stone in my pathway lights up, creating this mosaic of beauty for me to follow.

4- You glow!

Being “lit up” is common feedback people receive when they are on their path. People will comment that they look “so light” or like they are “glowing.”

This light attribute is important because it has a double meaning. Light… as illuminating darkness. And light… as in absence of weight.

When you are on Purpose, you brighten up the path so others can follow you, but you also have a sense of lightness of being. It is this second part that the world really needs right now – people who are passionately lit up.

5- It comes naturally.

You come into this world with everything you could possibly need to fulfill your purpose here. There are things you’ve done, felt, said, or been all your life that you have taken for granted because you have done, felt, said, or been them all your life.

It is in those very things that the biggest clues to your path and purpose are hiding.

All of my life, I have been a listener. All of my life, I have loved stories. All of my life, I have been interested in the well-being of everyone around me.

I just have always done/been that.

And, when I finally opened my eyes and realized that those very things are me and my Purpose, and I incorporated them into everything I do, suddenly everything I am doing is on Purpose.

Your Purpose is your Purpose and the biggest secret of all is… the path that you are walking right now IS YOUR PATH simply because you are there. You chose it. If your path feels empty or heavy, then there are probably some aspects of your life that you need to get really clear about and practice radical accountability.

Your life is your life and it is formed through your choices. If you’re uncomfortable where you are, make different choices so you can change where you are. And, if you think you’ve missed your Purpose… look again. Perhaps your Purpose is parading around in the mundane of who you have “always been” and doing the things you’ve “always done.”

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