Testing testing testing… 1… 2… 3… Today is “test day” in my math class – a series of quizzes leading to a test in preparation for midterm exam tomorrow. Midterm?? Already! Wowzah! Time has flown by and, amazingly enough, I can actually say I’ve been having fun as I’ve flown along with it. Even in my math class!

Today, I am appreciating… * myself for saving this gratitude practice for a little later in my day so I could take time to pause in the middle of testing to focus on appreciation * the beautiful New Age music playing through my headphones and coming to me in streaming fashion via aol.com * feeling inspired to talk about “launching” this week on my radio shows and the various aspects of that in relation to our everyday lives and having absolutely no idea going into it how pivotal of a topic it would be or how it would show up for me or how many people it would touch and why * the wind in my hair * central air conditioning to stave off the full-blown heat of summer * the feel of cool grass between my toes and tickling the soles of my bare feet * chocolate… always grateful for chocolate!

Thank you, Creator, for my beautiful life.

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