search termsThere are times when I log into my dashboard here on and get a really good kick out of the search terms that happen to lead people to my site. Sometimes, I stare at the screen, jaw gaping and thinking What the…?!! Why are people searching for THAT and WHY in the hell did it lead them to MY site??!

This morning, however, I got a really good giggle about the diversity of searches that led people to my little place here on the internet. What a broad spectrum of requests! The only one that I know, for sure, about which post they were led to is the first one because I once posted a link to participate in survey as part of a research project I was doing for my Human Sexuality course regarding the overt sexualization in the media. However, it wasn’t an invitation to participate in sexual research. The other three, though… I’m really curious what they discovered. The pages visited give me no clear indications as to what the travelers saw yesterday.

So, if you were one of those travelers, would you please kindly let me know what you learned from my site about the LDS church’s stance on Reiki Massage, the three most popular words you see first on facebook and what the path is to trusting god?

I love a good giggle in the morning!

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  1. When I find interesting search queries like that I usually jump on google and do the same search. Its fun to see how many pages the person had to go through to find me. Lately I have been turning up on the first page of google for the search terms.

    its still fun. Glad I am not the only one that enjoys it.

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