Over the weekend, here in Salt Lake City, wildness erupted and women from across the country felt called to join us as we catered to the primordial aspect of the divine feminine and gave ourselves permission to simply BE women… together… united in the howl and the purr of our inner mystical goddess selves.

The Wild Women Symposium began within the brain of the majestic Miss Suzanne Wagner and is held twice annually. This spring’s event, held at The Leonardo, was my third experience of participating in the symposium and – just as has happened with the others – I have found myself uncharacteristically without words to describe just exactly what I experienced and how I have been transformed. To be witness to more than 200 women joining together in a sacred space of connection, love, and healing, and to be witness to their utter trust and willingness is such an inspiring thing. English words on this planet at this time do not do justice to the level of transformation that transpires in that space.

Time and again over the weekend, my heart was touched and I was moved to tears as woman after woman blossomed, bloomed, and exploded into her brilliance without shame. I wept as their vulnerabilities led them to the front of the auditorium, trembling, crying, and so wanting to talk while they struggled through the emotions to let the truth pour through them in words and sometimes, merely just in the silence as they cried into the space all that was in their hearts. I witnessed miracles happening all around me, fears dissipating, hungers satisfied, thirsts quenched, longings realized.

In my class, entitled with far too many words for even me to remember (something about uncovering hidden magic and being empowered… who knows… it doesn’t really matter), I was honored to stand on the stage and lead 70 women through the most gut-wrenching process I have ever led a group through. And they did it. Willingly. I was scared to do it, fearing that the “not fun-ness” of it would be too much. But, as they dove in, facing their fears, evoking the anger, feeling that sadness, moving through the heavy darkness of stuck emotions that far too many of them had been carrying for most of their lives, I could feel the energy shifting in ways I could have never imagined prior to actually doing the process with them.

I had guided myself through the process on my own. Twice. And yet, when those women joined me in it and they gave it their all, the magic that occurred was mind-blowing. Because the house lights were off, the auditorium was blackened, and I was on the stage with lights blaring in my eyes during the process of letting go of their Shit Suit™ so I could not see them. I couldn’t see the individual women, but BOY could I ever feel them! Together, we went through the depths of darkness and climbed together, radiant, into the light.

I sensed dancers that were trapped in stillness, women who wanted to run for all they were worth, gigantic Serpentine mother snakes that entered the space and then evolved into dragons, women who felt safest “behind the bars” and refused to move out from between the seats in the auditorium, faeries and nymphs, witches and healers, our grandmothers’ grandmothers’ grandmothers’ grandmothers… eight generations deep for most of them, millions more for others. I witnessed Guides and Guardians, Sentinelles and Emissaries, Entities and Creatures unknown coming into the space, all to bear witness to and support these women in setting themselves free for possibly the first time. Ever.

What an honor it was for me to hold that sacred space and feel the love of the Divine pour through me and connect with each woman in that room. I am speechlessly transformed by their courageousness and their tenacity. When the moments were the darkest, the sounds the scariest, and the energy of the room the heaviest, I could feel the desire in the collective consciousness of that space to give up and give in. But, they didn’t. These women… they just… kept… going!

That is what amazes me the most about women. They just. keep. going.

And, in the end, when the house was once again lit up and I got to look out over the auditorium, I was stunned by the blinding lights coming from within each of them. And, all I could do was cry… big, silent tears of effervescent joy. They had allowed the Phoenix fire to burn away all that no longer served them and I could see in each of them a lightness that had not been present before. They had burned away their Shit Suit™ and they were gorgeously luminous!

As I breathed there on the stage, witnessing what I had created through my willingness to be a contribution to the uplifting of humanity by being a servant of the Universe, and I felt that love and appreciation and sheer admiration course through me, I realized that the REVELution I am leading HAS begun and it IS what lights me up to the point of being without words.

That is how I know that I have found my path… it defies human languaging and this prolific writer is at a loss for words, taken out of the realm of what is known and into the infinite possibility of MAGIC!

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Life IS so very magical and beautiful, indeed!

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