There is a little man that walks up and down the street where I work. For the two years we have been in this office space, I have seen this little man almost every day. He has a very distinctive gait. He steps confidently, purposefully, almost a stomp with his right foot and then he shuffles and drags his left foot even with his right. It is slow, yet proficient, process and he walks the entire block from beginning to end without looking up or smiling. As of late, he has added a cane for assistance. He leans heavily on that cane now as he drags his left foot into place.

I often watch this man, impressed by his diligence. I am curious about his story. How did this awkward pattern come to be? Was he injured? Did he have a stroke? Has he been like this his whole life?

I learn from this man. His process looks time-consuming and uncomfortable. It looks like it requires great patience. And, with all that, he keeps on going.

There is something to be said for that, indeed.

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  1. What a beautiful story! I felt like I was there with you, in Germany looking out the window each morning… and I have never even been to Germany before. Thank you for sharing this…

  2. Cele says:

    When I moved to Germany I was awoken the first morning by the sounds of “Schnell kleina hound, schnell.” Looking out the blinds I could see this well bodied ancient man walking up the street followed by a short mutt, whose belly swayed back and forth sweeping the ground. “Schnell kliena hound, schnell.” Every morning and again for the return trip in the afternoon.About a year after I moved to Germany I found out the ancient old man suddenly failed to be there each morning. He and his hound had been more faithful than the postman. The mornings were suddenly hollow, less bright. And then I found out he’d been ill. Very sad, but he was being well cared for by his family. Suddenly one late spring morning I awoken to the sound of “Schnell kleina hound, schnell.” And suddenly all was right in the world. He is to this day the brightest memory of my two years in Germany. And though he was ancient (and I am sure long gone) he will live forever in my memory.

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