Tears flow with joy and tenderness as the news of Marriage Equality ripples across the land and I FEEL the intense celebration erupting across the nation. I have not been able to stop crying since I heard of this news just a short time ago and I am awash with gratitude that I was alive and awake for being witness to this historical event.

I’m having difficulty putting into words exactly what I’m feeling right now. It’s a sort of … pride … but I don’t know why. Why am proud of this decision? I wasn’t in that courtroom. I didn’t have any direct influence on their minds. But… proud… I feel proud. I feel proud that humans chose EQUALITY above all else. That seems really huge to me.

As I shouted it out on Facebook this morning, posting links to articles of rejoicing the news, one of my friends replied with, “I’m so happy for all of you.”

It gave me pause.

To purchase merchandise honoring this historical event, CLICK THIS IMAGE

To purchase merchandise honoring this historical event, CLICK THIS IMAGE

All of YOU…

There was a separation there. She was seeing those affected by this decision to equalize marriage as different from her. Therefore, one could guess that she was not a lesbian. However, that “you” created a division in humanity. This is not a day to be happy for them. This is a day to be happy for humans. Even if you believe that a man should NOT have sex with another man or a woman should NOT have sex with another woman, this day is monumentally important for humankind. We’ve struggled to get equal rights for blacks, children, women, and the disabled and the decision that the Supreme Court announced brings rights to everyone. Together we move forward as equals in this land, finally. Today is a day to stand united as a civilization, as ONE, rather than divided as “us” versus “them.” Today is a day to celebrate unity.

Many have assumed I am a lesbian because I have been so obnoxiously vocal and supportive of gay marriage. Truth is… does it really matter? I am a human being and I believe that marriage is a right. And I believe that each person that finds another with whom they want to grow together in love and get married, they should have a right to do so.

It may surprise you that I actually have no interest in marriage for myself. Marriage is not something I am fighting for for myself. Sure, I love love. And yes, I love partnership and intimacy. And, absolutely, I cherish relationships. But marriage? Nah. I am done with it for myself and find myself not really believing in the archaic nature of it. (And, even as I write that, I’m hearing this little voice in the back of my head taunting me, “You just invited the Universe to disprove you!” Ha! How does it get better than that, my friends?! *giggling*) But there are those who believe in marriage and want it, evenbut have been disallowed it. So I stand and fight.

It is a beautiful day to be alive. Everyone is on equal footing as far as marriage is concerned. I am so grateful to the lawmakers who faced the demons, stood up to the bullies, and made a stand for the rights of everyone in this land. I can only imagine that it was a difficult process and did not come without a lot of thought and concern. In the end, their courage will transform our world for the better.

Today, I am proud to be a human living on Earth.


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