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Back in August, I started a “social experiment” of leaving thank you notes and a sizable tip for my servers in restaurants. What I have discovered in this process is how FUN it is.

When I first started it at one of my favorite breakfast places, I left the note and tip at the table and paid all while my server was in the back and didn’t see me leave. The next time I returned, that server came up to me with tears in his eyes, and thanked me for my kindness. Apparently, I left the note for him just days before his review with his manager and it is now hanging on their “Brag Wall.”

That day, I again left the note and tip on the table and paid while he was in the back room. The next time I came in, he made it a point to thank me before I was finished eating because, in his words, “I have missed the opportunity twice to say thank you for your presence and the joy you bring here. I didn’t want to miss it today.”

I started leaving notes and tips for the manager, the cook, the hostess, any server that helped my main server and, suddenly, everyone was involved in the ripples and, when I would walk in, they would all light up and smile.

Now, when I started this process, I didn’t do it with the conscious thought of what ripples I would create with it or how fun it would become. I didn’t do it thinking that it would result in every single manager and server in that place knowing who I am and serving me like a Queen. I didn’t do it to “buy” myself special services. I didn’t do it for the cook so that he would make sure that all my plates were beautifully created from that point forth. No. That wasn’t my intent. My intent was to share my gratitude for the SERVICE these people provide me. I started out thinking that it would be the large tip that moved them, but it is the thank you note that touches them the most.

Through this experience, I have learned that gratitude and kindness really DO expand and create a path that is reciprocal. And although I set out with the sole purpose of sincerely appreciating those who serve me, it has been awe inspiring to watch the effects.

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