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We are a brand new, non-profit, after-school community center currently located at City Academy Charter School in downtown Salt Lake City. We believe learning is a life-long process and people should have opportunities to learn outside of traditional classrooms and formal schooling. Academy of Creativity provides a multitude of affordable educational opportunities for all learners, no matter where they are in school or life. We also believe learning should be a fun, creative, active process. Therefore, our community center allows you to be actively involved in your learning. Academy of Creativity is a safe place for people who love to learn just for the sake of learning.

Angie will be teaching four classes and leading the choreography for the drama production, “Seussical.”

Her classes are on Thursdays, run for 8 weeks, and begin September 21, 2015.

3:10pm – 4:00pm: Quieting the Mind – How Today’s Busy Teens Can Tap Into Their Genius More Easefully


Each week, we will try different forms of meditation and interactive explorations of what it’s like to be inside the mind of today’s amazing teens. There will be opportunities for participants to share of their personal experiences about being Sensitive – able to feel, hear, see, and sense what other people are not picking up on.

Although this program will be designed specifically for Sensitives, it is a fantastic opportunity for any teen to spend time learning distinctive ways to access their own internal wisdom and knowing.

$10.00 per week ($80 total): CLICK HERE TO ENROLL

4:00pm – 5:00pm: Skills for Creating a More Fulfilling Life


This class is an interactive experience of developing clarity in each of the areas so that participants can find balance in today’s crazy, fast-paced world. Designed to be a relaxed and playful atmosphere, each class will provide space for some or all of the following: movement, questions, journaling, doodling, meditating, and laughing.

  1. Emotion and Thought – Which comes first and what is the difference?
  2. Perception and Judgment – How do they interact? How do they serve? How do they sabotage?
  3. Choice and Accountability – The transformative influence of both
  4. Cause and Effect – Which is which and how are they at play in life?
  5. Abundance and Gratitude – The exponential power within this team
  6. Health and Healing – How are they different and how to tap into them
  7. Rhythm and Harmony – Bringing them together for balance
  8. Wholeness and Humanity – Each person impacts the overall picture

$10.00 per week ($80 total): CLICK HERE TO ENROLL

5:10pm – 6:00pm: Embracing Your Inner Magic Becoming Powerful Beyond Measure

sensitive thoughtful

What if… your ability to see, feel, and hear things that others are missing could be something that was celebrated? What if… you could be part of a group of like-minded individuals who understand you? What if… you could live a life that was filled with Joy, Love, and Peace? What if… all of this supported you in shifting from being too sensitive to being powerful beyond measure?

You have been designed to live a life that is pain-free and filled with Joy, Love, and Peace. Understanding who you are, uncovering the mysteries of YOU, and developing a blueprint to follow as you integrate your Divine Gifts into your life is required as you shift from being overwhelmed by your sensitivity to embracing your immeasurable power. Having someone to guide you through this process is invaluable.
This course is for people who:

  • Are opening up to, embracing, and embodying their intuition and psychic, empathic, and healing abilities.
  • Are seeking support in transforming their life into one that is pain-free, magnificent, and magical.
  • Can see/feel/hear things that others cannot and want to understand, embrace, and embody their gifts.
  • Have been told they are a spiritual leader of sorts and that feels overwhelming and terrifying.
  • Feel like an alien on this planet – or that humans are the aliens – and want to learn how to be on this planet so they can have a fulfilling life.

$12.50 per week ($100 total): CLICK HERE TO ENROLL

6:00pm – 7:00pm: Understanding Today’s Teens – A Glimpse into the World of our Sensitives 


This class is designed for the parents and guardians of today’s magnificent teenagers, as well as the teens themselves. The children that have been born into this world since the mid-1990’s are powerful children who see, feel, experience, sense, hear, and think very differently than any of the generations born before them. They are powerful, determined, and headstrong, and they have to be with what they are facing.

Those who have been given the honor of guiding and protecting these amazing warriors frequently feel inadequately prepared for the undeniable fortitude of their child and often feel frustrated, weak, or confused as to how to deal with and support them.

This course will offer helpful feedback about and tools for communication with today’s teens, understanding the different ways they think, and mostly, what they are here to do. For this specific course, it is encouraged to have parents and teens attend together so that we can create an open dialogue – reduced price if parent/student come together.

$12.50 per week ($100 total): CLICK HERE TO ENROLL

Follow this link to learn more: Academy of Creativity

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