As I move through my life, take on new endeavors and say goodbye to the old, I am discovering that each moment is an opportunity to adjust and find balance. I love that things seem to be flowing more gracefully and beautifully and that, when there is a hitch in the system, I can see it clearly these days. This provides me the space to maneuver through – or around – the issue and on into fluidity again.

Today, I am appreciating… * the fact that I didn’t “have” to get up until 8:30am, but my body awoke vibrantly at 6:30 and said, “let’s go play” so I took myself to the high school to walk the track and run the bleachers and actually felt joyful while doing it! * my radio show is gaining interest * having my show run three hours later than it has been running in the past created a bigger buzz today and, therefore, I had more live listeners which was super fun * finding a new local treasure, Diva’s, which has become my new favorite place to hang out * the discovery that Fiber One cereal is actually really tasty * homemade breakfast shakes * getting a math problem correct, finally, after four hours on the same problem * streaming music * the sounds, smells and sights of summer.

I am loving my life!

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