I feel humbled…

I just facilitated an Awakening Session wherein my instructions were: Angie, you are to be silent. You will not say anything.

Of course, I wigged out and thought back to the voice: But if I am silent, how will my client know they are getting their money’s worth?

The answer was: You are to be silent. Be present to channel the information and love through you. What comes through you is for your client’s eyes, ears and soul only. You will receive no other guidance than this: Be silent.

I felt afraid. I am usually very interactive with my clients, so this was new to me. Just before I laid my hands on her, I had the thought: I really wonder if I should change my prices to just say “Awakening Sessions” $100 instead of price break downs for minutes which I never adhere to anyway…

The session was beautifully peaceful, loving and tender. I felt so honored to be in the midst of such a sacred occurence. At the end, as tears flowed down her face, I told her what I had been instructed. She smiled and understood completely, saying, “It was exactly what I needed! Thank you!”

As she walked out of my office, she handed me a check. It was for forty dollars more than it should be. I stumbled over my words, trying to tell her it wasn’t the right amount, that she had paid too much. Her answer: I was instructed to pay you $100.00.

Humbled, indeed…

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  1. WOW. So cool. WOOOOWWW. Thanks for sharing, sweets.

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