As you know, I live with my father and his wife. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, but it has morphed into an experiment in longevity. Much to the chagrin of my father, his wife, my daughter AND me. Not that I’m not grateful about having a place to live, because I REALLY am grateful about that. We’re safe and protected from the elements and it is something that I hope I’ll be able to one day repay.

In this home, they are very careful about what they watch on television. Sorta. They don’t like any shows that have anything to do with sex. Sitcoms like Reba and Two and a Half Men are over the top for them. Whenever there is a hint at that word – S E X – dad’s wife will make a noise of disgust and, very often, will leave the room. They also censor language. If the show my daughter and I are watching has too many “damn’s” and “asses” they will say something about it.

However, they have a penchant for crime shows. It’s like they thrive on watching these crime drama series like NCIS and Law and Order and White Collar. You can bet if there is any sort of crime drama on the television anywhere, IT is what will be on for entertainment. Now, some of these shows, if you’ve watched any of them, can get pretty vile and gruesome and, even if they don’t, they more often than not are about solving a murder which, last I checked, carries a heavier eternal sentence than swearing or sex does. But, somewhere in their reasoning, they’ve decided that it IS okay to watch these crime dramas by the hordes and that, somehow, contrary to scientific data, this violence is not corrupting their minds.

I’m not sure how that works…

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  1. I am amazed at the same subtleties that you do. We become so obsessed with swear words (That the child can hear anywhere at school)but we let them feed on rubbish on the TV that they are not focused on in school.

    Really kind of sad because I won’t let my children be exposed to that.

    • I’m appreciating you for monitoring what your children are exposed to. My experience has taught me that “swearing” is actually not the root of all problems, although I was taught that it was. LOL

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