slamming into the wall
on her last final burst
of defiant energy
The Phoenix collapsed
her wings tired from flight
her heart weary from battle
and into the darkness she went
no fear there
only silence
and stillness
it was a familiar place for her
a space that had become a Home
that was more recognizable
than the conflict-filled fields
of the planet on which she had been living
and in the darkness
The Phoenix breathed in
a sigh of letting go
of all that once was
all that had been
all that never was
all that never could be
she let it go and wrapped about herself
the wings that had once been flaming
but were now darkened
and cold
awaiting their ultimate destruction
and disintegration
she knew what was to come
with all of her heart
The Phoenix was aware
of the journey ahead
she knew that it would not be painless
she knew there would be a part of her
that would want to cling
and claw and grasp
and hold onto what no longer served
because all of it had once been her all
her everything
and the letting go of it
would cause her to weep
and still
The Phoenix would willingly do it
she would let go
and she would die
as she had a thousand times before
she would allow Death to consume her
she would surrender
and surrender, she did
everything going motionless around her
within her
the darkness closing in
with ferocity
and blinding severity
stealing away her breath
stopping her heart
the Light dimming and fluttering out
until another approached
and whispered
Dear Phoenix
allow me to clear the path
allow me to unshackle your wings
allow me to liberate you
from your captors
from your owners
from your masters and controllers
let me remind you of your magic
I See You
Dear Phoenix reach out and receive me
receive my assistance
and I will support you to rise
with effortless ease
I will show you your boundless gifts
and reveal the eternal spark within you
that is a succor for all
and an antidote to suffering
I will show you that
within you
Dear Phoenix
is the Key that unlocks
the prison that rules through
misery and pain
abuse and distress
sorrow and hopelessness
and The Phoenix heard the beckoning
of the Light Holder
she saw her emancipator
she realized that her call had been heard
her prayers had been received
her Messenger had been sent
and she breathed in the deliverance
relishing the depth and breadth
of her ability to finally breathe
and in one instant
the darkness fragmented
unable to maintain form
and the fire returned
and The Phoenix
did rise

© Angie K. Millgate 2017


Image courtesy of something44 and linked to artist’s page.

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2 Responses to Anew

  1. Shakti says:

    Phew!!!! Hallelujah praise be! I’m happy for you my dear Angie. It’s time to find your way home. I love you.

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