Humaning can be really difficult sometimes.

This planet is bound up in some really destructive energies that many of us Lightworkers and Energy Healers are passionately clearing and intently focused on healing. I can attest to how much work we are doing and often, it is a thankless task. But we do it anyway. I have seen the unbound love for humans that many of my peers possess and I know my own depth of commitment to this.

When you witness someone (let’s call him/her Jo) doing something that you cannot imagine EVER doing yourself, even if you think Jo is crazy for doing it… when you see Jo standing up for a cause, or a sector of humanity and Jo is passionately going after it, but you know you could never do it yourself, for whatever reason… when you witness Jo fighting for something Jo believes in… when you see Jo doing something that is taking a lot out of Jo, but Jo insists on doing it because Jo KNOWS someone has to do it, so why not Jo…

When you want to say things to Jo like, “It’s not fair that this is all on you,” or “this is not your battle,” or “why do you keep doing this, Jo? There is nothing in this for YOU!” Please know that all that Jo needs from you – EVER – is to hear anything but those comments. Jo needs to hear things like, “Jo, I don’t know how you’re doing this AND I’m proud of you.” You can add things like, “Jo, you inspire me,” or “This is what I’m learning from you, Jo…” as long as whatever you add is uplifting and positive.

Because, truly, Jo already has enough slamming into him/her because Jo has chosen to stand up and fight for something or someone that others are not. The role of the Warrior/Warrioress is not easily understood by those who are not of the Jo Tribe. When the Warrior/Warrioress rises and aligns with a fight, they are doing so because that is why they are here – to rise up for justice.

So, my invitation to you is this… if you have a Jo (or many) in your life, be grateful for them and let them know how grateful you are. The Jo Tribe is working tirelessly for humanity, often without you knowing they are. And if you do know the battles they are fighting, it is because they trust you to hold their calling sacred. Your support is what they need. Let them know you love them and are proud of them, no matter what. Your encouragement goes a long, long way.

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