I have witnessed a strange phenomenon.

When I have been in pain, rage, illness, sadness, etc., healers, whom I know as being usually kind and gracious, have responded in ways that have come across as hurtful, detached, and mean, even. When this has happened, I have given them the feedback that their words hurt and they often respond with something like, “That wasn’t my intention.”

Although I AM magic and understand what is going on, I have watched this same situation repeated ad nauseam in FacebookLand with people who are “Muggles.” Muggles, a terminology coined by JK Rowling, are “normal” humans who do not have or understand magic. They do not have a frame of reference for the seemingly detached words or questions. When this has happened, I have been viscerally aware of the secondary abuse that person experiences and have witnessed the compounded pain caused by a healer’s “magical” words.

This practice of barging into the lives of Muggles with our “magic” words for which they do not have context can come across as detached and downright rude to someone who is in pain. While we healers may know the power of “magic” and questions and holding space for possibility, we are currently a rare breed. Many beings on this planet do not understand this concept and our insistence of “being the light” in a way they cannot understand is actually doing more damage than it is helping anyone. Even those who are fully magical, when they are in the throes of human pain, how you interact with them can add insult to injury.

I invite you to consider the following before you choose to push your magic on ANYONE – magical or Muggle…

  • FIRST! Ask if they are even open to your magic healing powers! – whether you do this directly or ethereally, it is the most important step.
  • THEN, ask your guides, Spirit, Universe – whatever your process is for receiving guidance – to show you the answers to these questions:
    • Does this person have a frame of reference for the “help” I am going to provide them?
    • Will my “help” create more pain or more ease?
    • Is there something I need to be aware of BEFORE I give my “help”?
    • And, Angella’s fabulous question, Am I willing to use the words they can hear?

Remember, in social media, everyone is only sharing what they want you to know and OFTEN there is a lot going on behind the scenes. So, before you barge in and maybe create more damage, breathe deeply, and remember that every single person on this planet is having their own experience, so choose kindness.

Sometimes, saying nothing at all and choosing, instead, to silently send love or wield your magic from afar is THE kindest thing you can do.

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