When I used to work in corporate America, I ran the business office for a multi-million dollar design-build residential construction company. We remodeled and built some of the most gorgeous houses in the Salt Lake valley. Because we did remodels, we had a crew of men on our payroll that went in at the beginning of the project. While they worked on every aspect of the projects, demolition was their “thing” and it was where they were happiest. They all loved the back-breaking heavy labor of demolition. One of them once told me that he channeled his frustration through every swing of his sledgehammer.

I also teach a lot in my work now, leading groups and supporting clients in healing from within. When I was younger, I was a choreographer, so I was teaching dances to groups of people. As a Healer, I demonstrate to others the concept that I am teaching through storytelling, living it, or having them experience it. As a choreographer, I taught the dance by demonstrating the steps and moves. If couldn’t do it, how could I expect my dancers to?

The abbreviation of “demo” applies to both of these instances. You can “demo” something through demolition or demonstration.

With this specific abbreviation – as with a lot of situations in life – it is of vital importance that you are clear on the whole concept being spoken about so that you can fully understand what is being asked of you.

Demoing something when you’re supposed to be demoing it could be horrible!


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