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Photo courtesy of and linked to originating artist

My Dear Sensitives,

Perhaps, for all your life, you have hidden your gifts, you’ve been shy about them, or maybe you have even – *gasp* – denied them altogether.

Perhaps, you have stayed “in the closet” with them, choosing to stay where things seem “safe.”

Or, perhaps, you have tiptoed out of the closet and are now attempting to embrace them and live with them, instead of against them.

And, if you are attempting to open up to your gifts, embrace them, and live in them, it’s quite possible that the public and even your coaches are telling you that all that hiding and being quiet about your gifts was a self-sabotaging technique to keep you small so that you weren’t living your Purpose here, and if you actually want to be successful at your Purpose, you’ve got to be willing to play big and out loud for anything to work.

Feel familiar?

That was my story for a very long time. All of that. Especially that last, run-on sentence.

And, now, I’d like to share with you a shift of self-perspective that I had earlier today. And I’m going to share it in question form so that, perhaps, it will open up something within you, too, that shifts your own self-perspective…

  • Could it be possible that my willingness and ability to play small, be quiet about who I am, and “hide” my gifts so that all the world could not see them actually is MY SuperPower?
  • Could it be possible that, by playing small and staying private, I was able to develop the shadow side of my gifts with such intensity that I now can, undeniably, recognize when I am out of alignment, thereby being able to see it in everyone I work with?
  • Could it be possible that, by continuing to be observant and quiet and willing to “play small” and be in the background – even now – that I am actually being of service to the world because I am able to go unseen through many situations, lending me a sort of “invisibility cloak” that actually increases my ability to see?
  • Could it be possible that I am equally as powerful when I am quiet as when I am loud and proud and out there?
  • Could it be possible that my choice to “sabotage” myself IS where I developed my strength?

The truth is, my friends, everything IS perfect in EVERY. MOMENT. This means, whether you’re choosing to play small or you’re choosing to play big, that IS perfect too. It is how YOU look at YOUR CHOICE about the level at which you are playing that sets the tone for the scene you are playing out!

Stop allowing the external voices – be it family, friends, partners, or coaches – to be the parameters by which you judge your success, your level of commitment, or whether or not you are doing you “right.” YOU know what is true for you. YOU know why you are here – and if you don’t right now, you will.

Chin up, my Profoundly Powerful Sensitives! YOU ARE doing what you are here to do right now, at this time, in this moment because it IS what you are doing.

And, if you are not pleased with what is happening in this moment, MAKE A NEW CHOICE and ask yourself this… “Could it be possible that…”

That is all. Carry on.

2 Responses to Are You Too Big or Too Small or Just Right?

  1. Kidron Cool says:

    Hello. I recently discovered that I am supposed to be an energy healer in this life, but have no idea how to do it or where to start. Do you have any recommendations for me? I am so lost.

    • Angie K. Millgate says:

      I’m curious about the “supposed to be” in your declaration, Kidron… can you elaborate on that? It feels heavy, like it’s a duty to become an energy healer and as though it is laced with pain and… resentment.

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