Today, I celebrate my daughter’s life as she graduates from middle school and prepares to enter high school. I am blown away to think that my Kaitlyn is already at this stage in her life and feel so honored to have been able to witness her journey. I am a blessed mother… one who is grateful every day for the privilege of raising this beautiful soul.


Today, in addition to being Kaitlyn’s mother, I am appreciating… * the clear sky that is variegated hues of the dawn * the residual heat in the air from yesterday that has made the atmosphere the perfect temperature of “warm” for sitting on the porch * an entire weekend spent at my brother’s house with Kaitlyn, babysitting their son and dog… the reminder of what it feels like to LIVE in abundance * falling in love with me more and more * the realization that *I* am the source of my life and it no longer matters who is “in” and who is “out” because I still am the source of my life * the fact that I am fully alive and experiencing every moment of my life * that even in moments of sadness, I am so aware of the peace and the joy that is underlying everything for me * the white-noise sound of the room fan beside my bed at night.



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