At times I am surprised how a few simple words can open a whole can of worms and hurt. Things that people, I am sure, have NO idea about what is happening inside me when I’m listening to them or reading them or overhearing them. Even after living all these years, I am still surprised by how tender my heart is and how some things just… hurt…

Today, I am appreciating… * my courage to stand up and ask for something to be changed that has caused me pain for a few weeks now and then realizing that much of it has been a misunderstanding * my new “event planning” class because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and my brain is on fire 24/7 with ideas for the big event I’m planning * the curiosity about if my life might be taking an altogether new and surprising path * the opportunity to get clear and to understand things from a different point of view * wondering about how all my passions are going to meld together to create a vehicle for moving me forward * knowing that everything doesn’t need to be “perfect” because, in reality, everything IS absolutely perfect even when I think it is not.

I am, indeed, very blessed.

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