Image screencapped from video embedded below

Image screencapped from video embedded below

As human beings, we are designed to have a full range of emotions, to feel those emotions, and to choose how we are going to respond with those emotions. Emotions are meant to be felt; it is what gives this human existence LIFE.

Happy, sad, scared, mad… these are the core emotions that are a naturally occurring phenomenon of human existence. Every situation can be boiled down to one of those four emotions. When there is a combination of emotions happening, you can experience feelings like rage, grief, and terror. Additionally, there are states of being: Love, Joy, Peace, Creative.

These emotions and states of being are your divine right while you’re here in this dimension, living this life. Every single one of them are healthy – even the one that gets a bad rap: Anger. How you respond – or if you choose to not respond – to the emotion is where the unhealthy nature shows up.

Emotions are energy. Energy needs to move. When you stop energy, it becomes volatile and explosive. Emotion is energy is movement is life. When you stop one of these elements, you stop all of the elements.

Many of the Sensitives I work with are just beginning to wake up to how much shit they are carrying around that isn’t theirs and how much of their own emotions are bottled up with that shit. In my work, SHIT is Stuff Held In Tightly… S H I T. That shit is stopping up everything in your world and if you are actually showing physical symptoms like IBS, constipation, diarrhea, Crones… it is your body’s way of telling you that you’re holding onto too much SHIT. These symptoms are an invitation to really look at what you are carrying, what you’re holding onto, and how you have stopped up your life.

This video clip is one of my most favorite clips when it comes to expression of a full range of emotions. Giselle goes through nearly every emotion and state of being in a matter of less than two minutes. She also shows us that there are different ways to respond to the emotions than how these emotions are traditionally displayed, especially anger.

My experience over the last fifteen years of doing this work has shown me that many humans believe that anger is violent. In truth, anger can be EXPRESSED violently, but anger is anger is anger… and violence is violence. They are not the same thing. Anger is an emotion. Violence is a response. And… it is a FEAR response, which… if you choose to breathe when you’re ready to fight a loved one and ask, “What am I scared about right now?” it will reveal the most tenderest of truths and it is that part of you that is seeking healing, which is why you’re willing to fight. And while Christianity has taught that “anger is a sin,” I am inviting you here and now to unwind that programing and realize that it is only a naturally occurring part of the human experience. Nothing more than that. And, if you feel anger, you ain’t going to hell. And if you choose healthy ways of expressing anger, you ain’t going to hell. Anger is anger is anger. That’s all it is.

My friends, you are here to live a life that is fully alive and expressive. You are not designed to hold onto this shit – any of it. You are meant to simply BE. Which, if you look at the states of being, they are some pretty incredible states of being! Those are from what you are designed and from what you will return and how you were born to be.

We are here on this planet to BE, which means… we are here to create a divine space here and now. We are meant to feel and move through the emotions so that we can maintain a divine state of being. The two are not exclusive of the other; they are inclusive.

It is time to rise up from the ashes of the past and claim our divine right. We are here to BE Love, Joy, Peace, Creative. Anything other than that, we are falling short of our full potential.



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