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Have you been asking for more in your life?
More love, more money, more sex, more business, more ease, more laughter?

Have you felt like you’re stranded in a sea of overwhelm and too much-ness
that has created a sense of being lost, alone, and disconnected?

Have you wanted to understand what this life is about
so you can fully manifest your dreams and desires?

When we are born into this world, we come with a very unique set of skills and tools that are our very own and have been designed to support us in living our purpose in this life. As we grow from baby to child to adult, somewhere along the way, we forget about the truth of who we really are and we become an amalgamation of the beliefs of those around us.

You have found your way here, by whatever means, because something within you was calling out for you to wake up, to remember yourself. You have been seeking answers, support, and understanding and that seeking has led you here. Getting Real about Being Human is a program designed to return you to the remembrance of your infinite self – the self who has all the answers for you already – while clearing archaic beliefs and releasing sabotaging behavior patterns so that you can create and live your most powerful life.

logo outline

Download .pdf of journaling worksheet: Welcome to Getting Real about Being Human

The course, hosted through Canvas by Instructure, consists of 13 modules that total over 18 hours of audio content, which release in sequential order. The course also includes worksheets for journaling as well as inspirational images that are designed specifically to keep the course real.

pathwayTopics covered in Getting Real about Being Human:

  • Lies We Believe about Being Human
  • Components of the Human Experience
  • Divine Energy of Family and Community
  • Divine Energy of Embodiment and Physicality
  • Divine Energy of Order and Harmony
  • Divine Energy of Love and Connection
  • Divine Energy of Communication and Expression
  • Divine Energy of Clarity and Truth
  • Divine Energy of Knowing and Wisdom
  • Divine Energy of Power and Potency
  • Divine Energy of Possibilities and Expansion
  • Conclusion of Getting Real about Being Human

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Because this purchase is for a digital product, there will be no refunds given. We encourage you to watch the Introductory video above so you can become familiar with our style and topics we’ll be covering prior to purchasing the course.

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JenWriting a bio for Jen Halterman is like trying to stuff a goose down pillow after its seams have burst while being in the middle of a tornado. Ya just can’t fit everything back in because you’re too busy chasing rogue feathers! In light of that, here are some descriptors of the audacious Jen that you may find helpful for understanding an indescribable woman like her… explorer, connector, crazy, direct, teacher, catalyst, free-flowing, seeker, intoxicating, momentum-creator, perception-shifter, spontaneous, community leader, mentor, visionary, clairvoyant, magic, youthful, enthusiastic, director of chaos, nimble, unassuming, independent, reticent, autonomously creative, solution-minded, clever, adept, contemporary, state of the art, surprising, and approachable.

As a change agent, Jen’s enthusiasm leads you to self-discovery through unpredictable processes that often result in laughter. An audacious speaker who leans more toward the funny side, she delivers her content through clever rawness that evokes introspective listening. With her contagious laughter and irreverent humor, Jen entices her audience into a game where play reveals the lies that have been keeping them from living the bold lives that are waiting for them.

A natural born Gypsy, Jen knows when it is time to travel whenever she feels the vibration in the soles of her feet. On these journeys out in the world, she meets people, connects soul to soul, and spreads Divine Light far and wide. For those who are willing to stop taking themselves too seriously, she is a delightful playmate who generates belly laughter and surprising awarenesses that gently sneak up on the listener and tap them on the shoulder from behind, inviting them to open their eyes and revel in the majestic truth of the newly revealed secret.

When asked what her shtick is Jen’s reply is, “Overall, my message is ‘Lighten Up and Love Like Crazy!’ No drama, no regrets. This applies to every part of life. Everything I teach, even the Spiritual aspects, have a healthy dose of irreverence and humor in it. Anything that feeds my Aliveness is worth honoring and playing with and I encourage others to approach their lives in their own way.”

“I know life has some really sucky parts,” Jen continues. “There is pain and there is fear. The grief we experience is REAL. I am not trying to discount anyone’s situation; I just know that, for me, when I can find seeds of irony, humor, and hope in even the darkest times, I begin to feel the flow of Life through me. Once the flow of humor is part of my thinking everything shifts and I return to laughter and open expressions of Love. That is where I experience the most Aliveness; when I don’t resist any emotion and embrace them all. Basically, my personal style of embracing life is through Laughter. I am simply inviting people to Laugh with me and unleash their life.”

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angieAs The Phoenix, a profoundly sensitive Empath, and a body-centered Energy Healer, Angie K. Millgate’s engaging power of presence draws out the authentic self-expression of her clients and serves as a catalyst into the embracing of their gifts and abilities as a Divine Human Being. Her ability to teach sensitive subjects through vulnerability can dissolve even the toughest people into puddles of laughter and tears. With love, compassion and revolutionary frankness, she uncovers the archaic falsehoods that are holding people captive in the cycle of defeat and reveals the mysteries she can see within them so they can discover, integrate, and embody their own truths.

With raw vulnerability, Angie is willing to fearlessly address topics that are often considered to be taboo and does so while being fully present in her body, transparent, and honest. She comes from a background of religious repression, domestic violence, scarcity, and an acute and debilitating disbelief in her own abilities and divine nature, all of which drove her to the brink of desperation and despair. Her strength comes from having experienced the phenomenon of being a divine creature who had no idea she was a human being until she nearly died and saw what it meant to lose the privilege of being human – twice!

Effortlessly flowing between the constructs of master and student, she believes that life means learning and learning means living. Whether one-on-one or in front of a crowd, Angie’s love of learning shines through in her dynamic presentation skills. Focusing on her desire for candid self-expression and flowing creativity, she has designed and created the foundation of her life through her lifelong passion of story writing and story telling. Two signature transformational parables she shares with her audiences are The Shit Suit and Staying on Your Own Damn Horse. Having lived for years wearing her own Shit Suit, she is prepared to walk beside you as a Sentinelle so you can move through the snotty-faced-bawl-fests that occur as you recognize and let go of your own stinky armor and bring your life into balance and harmony through laughter.

Through her ability to direct, organize, and command energy, combined with her plethora of metaphysical gifts, Angie intuitively sees through the bullshit and isn’t afraid to call it out. Willing to be vulnerable, raw, and transparent, all while knowing she is NOT perfect – nor does she want to be – Angie knows that the joy is in learning through fabulous mistakes and messiness.

When asked why she chooses to teach, speak, and coach, Angie replied, “I have experienced so many people who are floating about, wondering what this life is all about and I want to shake them, grab their feet, and yell, ‘This life is about being in your body so get here, damn it!’ That is why I do what I do. Because, I have seen what it looks like on the other side and know what it means to be here. It is such a blessing to be alive and I want to inspire everyone to remember that they chose to be here, in the body they’ve been gifted with, on this planet. Now.”

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Buy Now for $447

Because this purchase is for a digital product, there will be no refunds given. We encourage you to watch the Introductory video above so you can become familiar with our style and topics we’ll be covering prior to purchasing the course.
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