Above the Clouds - cover

Above the Clouds

A Courageous Journey of Hope, Love and Revelation

Authored by Angie K. Millgate
Cover design or artwork by Angie K. Millgate

Above the Clouds – A Journey of Courage, Hope and Revelation is an autobiographical account of growing up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, landing in a marriage riddled with domestic violence and the author’s gut-wrenching journey to leave both worlds. With humor, explicit detail and blunt honesty, she provides intimate details regarding her sexual awakening, the terror of living with domestic violence and the race to survive. She also addresses her sheltered life as a Mormon, her eventual departure from that religion and the undeniable power of the human spirit.

For the first three decades of her life, the author searched for love and truth in all the wrong places – everywhere but within – leaving her continually dissatisfied and, eventually, horribly abused. She had no idea what self-love meant because she believed love happened from outside her. She had no idea what true emotion was and she had no idea how to live unless there was someone there telling her who she was, what she liked and which way she should go and when.

After an experience of domestic violence that nearly resulted in her death, which is shared in Above the Clouds with terrifying clarity, she decided it was time to know herself. Her first step was to take responsibility for her life, realizing she needed to stop blaming everyone for where she was. She also realized her relationship with herself greatly influenced her relationship with others. By taking small, certain steps, the progress was slow but has become longstanding.

Above the Clouds offers ideas on how to go about creating change for a healthier, safer life, while discovering and embracing who you are at the core. Anyone, if they are willing to look at themselves, can experience the same healing, safety and audacity in their life.

Above the Clouds is Angie K. Millgate’s first published book.

Listed Price: $16.00

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City of Certainty

City of Certainty

Authored by Angie K. Millgate

As children, many of us were raised with fairy tales and fables as a way of learning, even though that may have not been the conscious intent. We grew up learning the beliefs of those who raised us and we developed behavioral practices based on those beliefs.

Until we learn to question ourselves to discern whether we actually really do believe what we think we do, then we get stuck in patterns that may no longer be serving us. This story, written in fairy tale form, is the tale of one young woman’s journey to discover her own truths.

Listed Price: $5.50

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To purchase and use your discount code, visit her CreateSpace shop for City of Certainty at: https://www.createspace.com/4052571

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