Everyday Joy on Blogtalk Radio

Everyday Joy on Blogtalk Radio

I am so full of gratitude for the exciting undertaking I’ve taken on with Jen Halterman with our Everyday Joy show on BlogTalk Radio.  I am having such an incredible experience connecting internationally with people who are looking to create joy in their lives. It is such an honor to be at the center of a wave of transformation and love. At times, I simply cry with the powerful sensation of humility because there is nothing else I can do, but cry.

As Jen and I play with the world 3-4 times a week, our creative thoughts are multiplying and expanding so quickly that, at times, we have a hard time keeping up with the rapidity of everything. It is exciting to see what we are creating and what is coming down the road from us through Everyday Joy and I invite you to visit our BTR page and take a listen to some of the archives. There is some really delicious stuff happening on the air with us!

And stay tuned because there is INCREDIBLE stuff coming down the pike for you, our listeners.

Thank you, again, for supporting me in this endeavor because it is, honestly, one of the most fulfilling, joyful and love-expanding things I’ve ever done. Thank you. Thank me. And thank God.

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