It is an odd feeling to open the curtains to be blinded by the sunlight and, yet, not be able to see the sun. The gray hazy covering is magnifying the brilliance of the day in such a way that I feel like I need to shield my eyes. Every vibrant color outside seems muted, blending in with the next and it is an odd sensation to be feeling the polar opposite inside – full of dimension and contrasts and happy, bright colors.

Today, I am grateful for… the picture on my father’s calendar – it is of Christ and Mary Magdalene as he comes to her in the garden after being resurrected. It is a beautiful rendition of my favorite story * cookies in the cookie jar * KNOWING that I must take a nap because I need integration time and ignoring myself, thinking, “I could get some stuff done online first” and then, trying to get online and having the internet be down! * these vibrant yellow tulips that an Everyday Joy listener sent me * creative ideas popping all over in my mind * hot showers * releasing my old ways * finding answers * learning that people ARE reading my book Above the Clouds and feeling awe each time I discover someone new * being able to see * the green of spring blossoms on the trees * being willing to be vulnerable and authentic.

I feel delicious today!

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