Several years ago, I thought I would never be successful in communicating metaphysical truths to science-based minds or atheists. I thought that, because I believe in a benevolent higher power – God – and I am someone who follows her knowing that often times has no “proof,” I thought I would never be believable to those who need physical proof or those who believe we simply end when we die and there is nothing more.

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity of reading for an entire family of science-minded atheists. Not only did they need scientific proof that backed up what I was saying, they needed me to deliver it in a way that had no talk of God. I was terrified! There I was, with two powerful teenage women and their mother, staring at me, waiting for me to deliver my “psychic” readings for each of them. It was a purposeful challenge. They spoke to me before we began, setting up the scene and explaining that they all believed “psychicness” was absolute hooey and they all thought it was going to be a complete waste of time.

That was how our time together started.

I was certain I was going to fail.

I asked them to excuse me for a moment and I went to the restroom. On the walk there, I questioned myself, “Do I want to do this?”

I had gotten beyond the point of needing to say “yes” to everyone as a means of proving I was legitimate, so if I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t have to do it. I knew that. And when I asked that question, there was a very hesitant, “Uhhhhhh… I don’t know.”

Then I asked my Guides, “Is this something I can do?”

Their response was a resounding, “YES!”

“Well, okay then. Give me the language I will need to effectively deliver whatever messages I am guided to share.”


Returning to my table, where the three powerful women were waiting, I breathed deeply and dived in. It was that experience that taught me how to talk scientifically and without even mentioning God. I learned that day that this family of atheists believed in a higher organizing energy, but it wasn’t a person or a deity or a being. It was an intelligent consciousness. And as soon as they shared that with me, I could see what that meant.

I call it God or Universe. They call it intelligent consciousness.

By the end of my time with them, they were all emotionally moved and sharing that it was one of the most powerful experiences they had ever been a part of. For me, I agreed wholeheartedly.

About a year later, a man was guided to me who wanted a future-based reading and no matter how I explained to him that I don’t do that kind of work, he kept insisting. He was from China, spoke very broken English, and did not have a Christian background. He wanted me to tell him if he and his wife were going to get the house they had made an offer on. I don’t do that kind of work, but he kept saying, “No, YOU must tell me. You will have the answer.”

He was persistent and I relented, fearing that I was going to hate myself afterward for going against myself. However, the moment I let go of my own boxed-in beliefs of who I am, this entirely new world opened up to me. Suddenly, I was seeing visions of China and their ancient practices and feng shui. I know very little about feng shui, except for that it is a practice of intentional living and designing within a very specific energy wheel called a bagua. As soon as I began talking with him in the language of feng shui, he knew exactly what I was talking about. I asked him where the dragon was, having no idea what that even meant, and if the dragon was in the proper position to be in alignment with his energy, again having no idea what that meant.

My questions were exactly what he needed to hear to answer his own questions. Honestly, I couldn’t have answered his questions because I didn’t have a frame of reference for doing so. And I couldn’t have told him if the house he had bid on was THE house for him or if there was a better house out there for him… until I asked those questions. As soon as they were on the table, another new world opened up and he realized that he needed to withdraw his bid and go for the house that he originally wanted, but thought was out of their range.

Today, I had the opportunity to sit with a woman who was a “forced Catholic” (her words) as a child, made to go to church and private Catholic school until she refused to go when she hit high school and demanded that she no longer be Catholic. Then, just a few years ago, she decided she wanted to give Christianity a try and returned to religion, exploring a religion – the name of which she did not give me – that has been built around Christ. Her daughter wanted her to talk with me, believing that I could help her let go of some negativity in her life.

Before she would sit down with me, she said, “I don’t know if I’m even supposed to talk to you. I am a Christian!”

Her daughter blushed and said, “Mo-o-o-ommm! She’s just going to help you get clear.”

I shared with her who I am, why I am here, what I do, and that I am not at all interested in challenging or changing her faith in Christ. That seemed to help and she decided to sit down.

I found it interesting to discover that she didn’t believe in pre-Earth heaven. I thought that was a consistent belief throughout Christianity, but my thoughts are based, of course, on my limited experience of Christianity. She believed that when she died, she would go to heaven and live forever, then, but she had no idea what happened before she was born. She was intrigued with the idea of the eternal soul and that we choose to come here, that our children choose us to be their parents.

Throughout my time with her, I was guided to speak to her as if Jesus were sitting in my chair. I sensed Him behind me and I could feel His voice guiding me, but I kept that to myself, simply passing on the words He wanted me to share with her.

We talked about “letting go” and “forgiveness.” And as I often find with Christians, they know that forgiveness is “a thing,” but they are unwilling to forgive themselves, as if they must continue punishing themselves, for some reason. She was there, believing that she deserved to be punished forever for all the ways she had been a “bad” mother.

I felt Him nudge me and the words came gently, “Do you believe Jesus has forgiven you for all you have done wrong?”

Her eyes grew wide and she smiled and said, “Well, yes! Of course, He has. That is His promise!”

“What is your relationship with Jesus?”

“He is my Savior!”

“So…” I felt the smile broaden behind me, as the words got ready to tumble through me. “If He has forgiven you for your wrongs, but you are not forgiving you for your wrongs, what message are you sending Him?”

She gasped, her eyes bugged out, and she simply cried, “Oh!” Her eyes grew moist and she shook her head slowly, saying softly, “Well, not a very good one.”

She shared with me about her belief of 1,000 years of peace and then Satan getting to have another go and that if he lost, he had to go to Hell for forever.

“Will you be going to Hell?”

“No!” She was emphatic. “Jesus has forgiven me and that means I get to go to heaven.”

“If He has forgiven you and that means you get to go to heaven, what do you think He thinks about you creating Hell here on earth for yourself by demanding that you live in ongoing punishment?”

Her mouth opened and closed like a fish on land. Then she giggled, covered her mouth, and said, “Well… when you put it like that…”

In the end, she heard the message she needed to hear. In the end, they all did. They all heard their messages because I was willing to let go of the language of my own beliefs so that I could speak to them through their beliefs. For the time that I was with each of them, I put aside what I knew to be true for myself, held space for their truth to come through, and allowed myself to learn something from each of the experiences.

I am sharing this today for a few reasons. First, I wanted to take a moment to publicly express my gratitude to the Universe for showing me what it means to truly be a space of allowance, for showing me how to accept everyone as they are, and speak to them in that space so they can hear me. Secondly, I am sharing this because I believe that this practice of allowance IS how we will turn the world around.

Listening to these people and talking to them in their language did not change my own core beliefs. I didn’t suddenly stop believing in God, or start believing that I was going to Hell, or freak out that my dragon was in the wrong place. Some of the messages I delivered, I still have no idea what they meant! However, each of these people expressed to me afterward that they had felt HEARD and then ANSWERED.

That is what humanity is searching for: to be heard and answered. To be understood. To be accepted. Every human wants to feel like they belong, somehow.

When we choose to feed the fight, we feed the divisiveness.

When we choose love, we choose unity, wholeness, and healing, which is a choice for humanity’s success.

And when you trust yourself enough to know your own truth, then listening to another’s truth is nothing more than a growing experience of love that will, eventually, lead to our success.

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