Sometimes, while I am supporting a client, I will spout off with a little bit of wisdom that really hits the mark. Today, as I was working on some website revisions for a client who is clarifying her intention and the direction in which she is taking her work, she mentioned she was grateful for my patiences as she continually changes and updates and removes things from her site.

In truth, part of my passion is being witness to another’s clarifying process and I really appreciate that gift. For me, it is an ongoing adventure and blessing to be of support to another as they are getting clear about who they are, why they’re here, and what they are doing here on this planet.

I replied that I loved riding the “roller coaster of crazy” that comes with the clarifying process and she responded, “It is going to be fun and crazy. Notice that I didn’t use the word scary.”

I grinned and said something along the lines of, “There’s no need to use that word. Clarity clears the scary.”

She promptly replied, ” It really does. YOU NEED to quote that! CLAIM, sista! I love that… Clarity clears the scary.”

So, here you have it. I’m claiming the quote, “Clarity clears the scary.”

And… indeed, it does.

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