As I sit here writing this, I continue to clear my throat… apparently something is stuck in there that I need to release. It came into being in the middle of my show today, while I was reading someone’s definition of “faith” and it choked me up for a moment. I had the thought then, “Stop reading.” I did stop, but only to clear my throat. Then, I read on. When I got to the end of their definition, I laughed silently because I could have stopped right where I got choked up and it would have been enough. I love that these sort of things keep happening in my life. Sometimes I’m really good at catching the nudge and following it through. Other times, like this morning, I let one slip by. Now I have this “frog” in my throat that refuses to budge as a reminder that I didn’t listen to myself. And, good news is… I’m giggling.

Today, I am appreciating… * the heat outside on this brilliantly clear day * the feel of the wet grass beneath my feet * how the soil beneath the grass sank slightly when I stepped on it because it was still so wet from the early-morning watering * being in the middle of a whirlwind of activity and feeling calm inside * that I am in the middle of a very powerful web * my daughter * weird dreams * love letters * laughter.

Thank you for the Divine gift of my life!

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