I have been wondering lately… is it possible to know too much?

I have a problem – or three – and, perhaps, “problem” is too negative of a word. I feel more akin to quandary.

Quandary number one: I have this knowledge in my head in the form of little quips such as:
All physical ailments and illnesses find their origins in emotions.
Masculine energy resonates with the right side of the human body; feminine energy is on the left.
What you think about, you bring about.

Quandary number two: I really like my bed. I like burrowing into the layers of heavy quilts to find comfort and warmth. I especially like doing that as the year quiets down to the crispy-cold seasons of late Autumn and Winter. I like keeping my house at near sixty-four degrees during the night so that the air that brushes my face is a stark, frosty contrast to the heated coziness beneath my blankets. And when the sunrays creep through the slats of my bedroom blinds, sending rainbows cascading from the myriad of crystals hung at my window, I really like snuggling even further down so that all that is visible are my nose and eyes. I bunch the blankets around my ears and begin thinking…

That is where the real quandary begins. I become aware, in that first moment of thought, of any twinges or ticklings throughout my body. And then, I begin analyzing them…

Hmmm… itching on my left side… hmmmm… something is emotionally irritating me about myself or someone female…

Hmmm…a catch in my right ankle… hmmm… belief in non-support from men…

Hmmmm… a catch in my sacral area, right side… hmmmm… masculine issues about… yada yada yada

I enjoy knowing what I know and continue to learn more every day. But, really, does there come a time when a human being can know too much?

And really, the true problem is (and, yes, I do mean problem in this instance)… I dread going to my J-O-B every morning. It is not my passion. It is not what I am meant to do. So, I find any means necessary for delaying the inevitable. In that moment – each and every Monday through Friday – I will manifest whatever I can which will make it so I can bide my time a little bit longer in the cocoon of warmth.

Quandary, indeed.

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