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In every single moment, you are divinely perfect. You are whole. You are a being of Light. There is nothing that needs fixing. At the core of you is an eternal aspect that is that space of divine perfection, complete wholeness.

Our life is a collection of experiences that form the human being that we are. These experiences shape us and, sometimes crack, scar, weaken, and break down our human-self. Through circumstances that may be scary or painful and involve violation, betrayal, abuse, and other forms of dehumanizing behaviors, we can develop patterns which we repeat over and over again throughout our adult life. We may experience ourselves making choices that are confusing for no apparent reason, or attracting relationships that continually tear us down, or settling for less than what we really desire, or maybe even not ever knowing what we really desire. These are signs that the human aspect of us is stuck in a pattern.

These patterns often times create walls around us through which all interactions take place. These walls are often harsh, unforgiving, edgy, and stubborn. Inside, that eternal, flawless, God-self is still there, but these thought processes, beliefs, and behaviors make it impossible for that divine self to shine.

When something triggers a pattern in us, we can experience a sense of “I am absolutely right about this and you are wrong” or “this is your problem, not mine” or “this isn’t about me” or “I don’t have to do anything about this because I’m not the problem here.” Another human response to these patterns is the unwillingness to consider that we are actually the cause and that there is something for us to look at on an individual level. Often times, at this point in the pattern, people who are religious will defer it to God with a comment like, “Only God can heal this.”

In truth, that Light within you is God – or whatever term you want to use for your higher power – and therefore, that last statement is correct because only you can do the healing. Your healing always comes from within you. Your God cannot heal you until you recognize there is something to be healed, until you allow yourself to consider the possibility that this crappy, recurring pattern you’re experiencing is actually something you are creating. There is nothing and no one in your life that is creating that which makes you miserable – or that about which you feel joy. It is all you.

Choosing to be healed takes courage, takes willingness, and a vast amount of self-love. It is a process that is best done with support and in a sacred, safe space. It is something that each of us are being called to do because, when we heal our human-self, our divine-self is able to shine brilliantly, lovingly, fully.

You may be cracked, my friend, but you are still whole. It isn’t the eternal aspect of you that needs the healing because that never breaks. It is the vehicle you are embodying – your human-self – that needs support. Transform yourself and shine!

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