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“How are you?”

This is such a common question that it is quite possible that most of us take it for granted. Have you ever wondered if the person asking the question really cares about what your answer is? Have you ever answered with something completely audacious just to see their surprise? When you ask the question do you really hear the answer?

This question is an opportunity to check in with the truth of your situation and create your life in that moment. While it’s not advisable to dump your garbage in the lap of a stranger at the supermarket… I’m constipated, my banking account is overdrawn, and I have developed a horrible rash on my backside… even if all that is true, this question is a perfect chance to stop focusing on it and put into motion what you really want to create for yourself.

I have a friend who, whenever we cross paths and I ask him that question he answers, “I am happy to be alive.”

No matter what is going on for him in his world, he affirms that he is happy to be alive. And every time he does, I am reminded of my own journey with aliveness. It gives me pause to check in, Am I happy to be alive too?

The next time someone asks, “How are you?” take a breath and look for one positive truth about you in that moment. Sharing that can shift your entire day. And their day too.

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6 Responses to Creating Your Life

  1. Holly says:

    Simple, but powerful advice! Ergo, a simple comment :)

  2. Karo says:

    I totally agree with your Friend, and I too always make a point to be positive. I think it’s wonderful to share the happy, positive energy with the universe. I also think that in many instances exaggerate their unfavorable circumstances. So long as you and the people around you can pay their bills, have enough to eat and are healthy, the rest is really just a matter of perspective. :)

    • Angie K. Millgate says:

      You’re welcome, Karo. My theory is this… there can never be too many tools in my tool kit so I’m always interested in hearing about new modalities! :)

  3. Angie, I love your friend’s response. What a great way to be more intentional with our words. Thank you for writing this and sharing it.

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