meth-01One of the most difficult aspects of what I do is sharing a message that the person in front of me simply DOES NOT want to hear. Because of my design, many people show up in front of me that are in the “death” stage of something. Sometimes, it is a “death” that they THINK happened long ago, but it never completed. One of these areas of incomplete death is in relation to substance abuse – specifically meth.

Today, someone made an appointment with me – I will call this person Jo and maybe change the gender to protect this person’s identity. When Jo called, she was excited to have a session with me and because she was so excited, I imagined that meant she knew what I did. In hindsight, even though I explained to her what I do, I don’t think she really understood what I do. Any of it. She was so sad and I wanted to comfort her, but she wasn’t open to receiving comfort. She wasn’t open to receiving love. She wasn’t open to receiving anything, really, and it confused me as to why she had booked a session with me.

She started out the short session telling me that she was a “failure” in every area of her life. Her shoulders were slumped with shame and pain. She was judging herself so harshly and my heart ached for her. But there was something else going on, something I couldn’t ignore, although I wanted to and I knew that she wanted me to, also.

The moment she sat across from me, I was hit with a meth wave – what it feels like to me when meth is lying in wait in a system. When someone is consciously craving meth – meaning they are actively using and needing a fix – it is only a slightly different sensation from when someone is subconsciously craving meth – meaning they haven’t used for some time, but meth has been activated and is calling out to be fed; they are usually fighting against it, telling themselves, “I am not a user! I am clean!”

This is where Jo was. It took me some time to identify what was going on and she was quite reluctant to get to the truth on any subject – which is another common occurrence with meth. Often, meth users – past or present – think they are okay even when they are not and, sometimes, especially when they are not. While they think they are doing good, they are closed to any sort of support and are unwilling to look at anything and they sure as hell don’t want to interact truthfully. Because it hurts to do so. So they shut down. Jo was unwilling to talk about anything, she was unwilling to look at anything, she was unwilling to explore anything.

I was flummoxed. Why book a session with a reader if you don’t want to talk about or listen to anything?

She kept insisting that the cards would tell her what she needed to hear, which is not how I operate, but I decided to allow that process to play out. She picked her three cards, flipped them over, looked at them, and promptly burst into tears. She couldn’t talk about why she was crying – wouldn’t talk about it. She sat there, giving nothing, taking in nothing, just crying. So, as the clock clicked away the minutes, I decided to go for the very thing she was the most unwilling to look at, the very thing she was hiding.

“Do you use substances?”

“NO!” Her response was so volatile that I knew I had hit it. And I knew that it wasn’t going to be pretty.

I held space there, breathing, and thinking one word: “Truth.”

She spilled the beans, revealing her meth use “long ago” and declared, “But we don’t have to talk about that! I tell you! We DON’T! I! AM! CLEAN!”

Methinks the woman doth protesteth too much…eth…

Her Guides were standing behind her, their arms crossed, heads bowed sadly, shaking their heads. Her energy was zinging all over the place. Her heart energy was breaking to a gazillion pieces. And she was unwilling to look at any of it.

The timer went off, but Spirit nudged me – literally tapped my back forcefully – and guided me to say the very thing she didn’t want to hear.

“Jo,” I started gently, “Sweetie, you need to get some support in energetically clearing your system. You are in immense strain right now and I can feel meth calling to you. Bluntly, I’ve been here before and I’ve watched people spiral out of control and back into use of meth again in the blink of an eye. You must get support.”

“WE DON’T NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS!” She snapped, pushing back from the table. “I AM! CLEAN!”

She wasn’t vocally yelling, but her energy sure was. Something within her was firing out at me, trying to punch me, trying to shut me up. I don’t know if it was her or the myriad of “guests” she was hosting, but it was vile and violent and tragic.

She gave me her money, stood up, and walked away, sniffling with her shoulders stooped further than they were before. She wasn’t ready to hear it, now, but maybe her Guides’ message will seep in over time and maybe she’ll allow herself to get the support she really needs, even though she currently believes she is clean.

When I started doing my healing work out in the world, instead of just at home and with my close friends, some of my first long-term clients were in heroin and meth rehabilitation. Through the nearly two-year-long process of supporting them, clearing them, and doing healing work to disengage the energetics of those substances, I gained a very deep and abiding understanding of the power of these drugs, the level of utter destruction programmed within them (immediately, on one hit of meth), and their longevity to exist in a human system. I got to see the energetics of meth and, honestly, it is one of the powers of darkness that DOES terrify me. Mostly because of its seemingly unstoppable and formidable abilities.

Meth is programmed to destroy humans. It reprograms DNA and creates an instantaneous NEED for the substance once it hits the system. This dangerously genius drug is created to lodge in the human cells, awaiting stress to reactivate it. There are a few, select people on this planet that can dabble in meth for a limited amount of time and get out scott-free. Very few of them. The rest of the humans, however, are not so blessed and the result of that is people who are hooked with only one hit. Forever. Unless they do specific clearing work.

Another aspect of Methamphetamine that I personally uncovered and have heard no one else talk about is the fact that it cracks the human’s energy body. It cracks them open, the soul goes wandering about, and it leaves the empty vehicle – the human body – there to receive any disembodied being that happens to be hanging around. Some of the side effects of crystal meth are extreme paranoia, a sensation of being watched, and hearing voices. This occurs because of that “cracking” power of the drug. When someone uses meth, they become host to whatever creature is around, which explains why meth houses have energy that is so dark and heavy: disembodied beings, entities, and negatively-focused spirits hang out there, waiting for the next person to crack open. Being watched and hearing voices happens because of the housing plan that comes with meth.

Because of the way I am designed, I FEEL when substances are in someone’s system and can name most substances by what is going on in their energy. It feels different when someone is currently high on meth versus recently high on meth versus consciously craving meth versus subconsciously fighting against meth. When someone believes they are no longer a meth user, but haven’t gone through all the layers of healing – all nine layers of the human experience: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, karmically, psychically, energetically, sexually, and financially – then they are left with dormant meth energy in their system that can, literally, be activated too easily.

Stress is an ever-present trigger in society and those with meth in their system are at significant risk for relapse, constantly, especially when they remain in friendship, intimate relationships, or work situations wherein the meth was present at one time – or still is for other people in those environments. Sadly, no matter how “healthy” the person believes they are, unless they have done radical energy clearing, they are still at risk.

I have seen what meth can do. I’ve been shown what it does metaphysically. It’s part of the reason I am so apprehensive about its presence here on this planet. I’ve experienced what it does to the human body, the soul, and the DNA. I have seen how it rewires humans and how it is passed on to their offspring, even if they haven’t used it for years. I have witnessed the dehumanizing effect of it and I can honestly say that I have yet to find one positive aspect of this drug. Granted, it does help a user lose weight – because they go non-stop for days on end without sleep or food, so they are literally starving to death – but that comes at such a high cost that I cannot say wholeheartedly that it is a benefit.

Meth is a drug that has been programmed with hate. It strips the human of what makes that human, human. It takes away the ability to emote, the ability to connect, and eventually, even, the ability to live. It is a mean drug and while this planet is an at-will place where choice powers our life, my awareness is that meth is a choice for a harrowing life, terrifying jaunts into the evilest and most dangerous of metaphysical realms, and certain dehumanization that most often leads to death. Meth is the furthest energy from Love. Meth is the antithesis of self-care.

I strongly invite anyone and everyone who has dabbled with meth to get some intensive energy healing with someone who knows what they are doing. I imagine there are others like me out there, but if you are unable to find someone, reach out to me.

Choose you. Choose love.

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