I used to think that life cycled in 7-year cycles. While I know this to be physiologically true, I also know that my life seems to cycle a lot more frequently than that. I’m noticing the ebb and flow of my life and really appreciating how I have learned to roll with the tide instead of against it, which used to be my propensity. I especially love how my life can be in flow in one area and ebbing in another area and that experience actually feels surprisingly delicious. The really cool thing is, in the past, I used to focus on what had ebbed away, thereby missing that which was flowing in. I’m noticing that I have seemingly reprogrammed this pattern so now I am being with what IS in each moment and I feel excited about that.

Today, I am appreciating… * perfectly ripe bananas – not too yellow, not too green * the excitement in creating a plan (wow! that’s new for me! yay!) * the sound of lawn mowers because I know that if I go outside right now at this moment, I will smell freshly-mowed grass which is a favorite of mine * going to the movies and seeing a movie that was surprisingly tender, with a bittersweet ending * facebook… I think it is a marvel! * the invitation to my high school reunion and actually feeling excited about attending * brilliant friends who know just what I need when I need it and follow through with that * having people to talk to that can listen and are willing to give me honest feedback or encouragement * the internet… another modern marvel * my amazing daughter.

I am so very blessed! Thank you, God!

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