phoenix fire


I love you. And… Death IS a part of life. A very vital part of life.

Please know that all of these deaths – self-inflicted, accidental, violent, or of natural causes – are all part of the cycle of this existence in this plane.

As the volatile energies on this planet increase, the deaths will increase, as well.

It HAS to happen.

Humanity is facing into its choice to raise its vibration and that is requiring MASSIVE energy to burst through what is locked down on this planet. Before EVERY transformation, there IS a cataclysmic event, often resulting in many deaths, but keep in mind that death does not always mean separation of spirit and body. Death is the energy of ending and that energy is everywhere right now, in spades. Choose to use this fiery wave of destruction to wipe clean all that no longer serves you.

As the deaths increase, so does the grief energy. Grief is THE MOST POWERFUL clarifying energy on this planet. Choose to honor this grief by being very conscious of who you are, where you are, and why you are here. Choose to honor other’s grief by being a space of love. They need no words. Just love.

Avoid absorbing and holding onto this grief – especially if you’re experiencing grief for “no good reason”… meaning, if you have no idea why you’re feeling it. Grief that is held in solitary confinement within a human body will quickly turn toxic. This grief HAS TO flow through and out of us. It is part of the process. Allow this grief that is rolling out across the land to be your catalyst, your clarifying sweeper, as well.

Those who are choosing out at their own hand are doing so because they are ready to. No other reason. Please, allow them the grace of leaving on their own terms and avoid making it about you or anyone else. Choose to love them, rather than choosing to harshly judge or hate them. All their suicide is, is them choosing to leave when the time is right for them.

There is NO SIN in that. They WILL NOT go to hell for this.

They are leaving and they are deciding when and there is no shame in that.

Suicide IS a choice. A very valid choice. And, like all deaths, it can create sadness for those who are still on this planet. However, it is no less valid than death by natural causes or death by any other means.

Allow yourself the space to breathe through this death energy. With each person who leaves this plane, bless their journey with love and gratitude, bless your own with love and gratitude, and keep on breathing. Literally say, out loud if you can, “I bless your journey with love and gratitude, just as I bless my own.” Then breathe, intentionally, three deep breaths to remind yourself that you are still here. On this planet. Alive.

2017 is the Year of the Phoenix, according to some lore. This means that this large wave of publicized deaths is only the beginning.

Keep breathing. Keep choosing you.

And, for the love of all that we are, stand up together, hold hands, and project outward as much Love as you can muster.

We got this.

I love you.



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