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“I heard this report the other day,” the dj of my favorite morning radio show was saying, “about people who are happy all the time. They got more information from the spouses of the always-happy people than from the always-happy people themselves. One guy’s wife said that he’s always happy because of the way he looks at things.”

“Hmmmm… so he looks like he’s happy all the time,” said the other dj.

“Yeah,” said the first dj. “He’s just in denial about everything…”

I felt myself bristle.

“Or he’s wearing rose-colored glasses.”

It could have been because I was right smack dab in the middle of my own “stuff,” realizing where I had been completely out of integrity about something and feeling huge sadness about the resulting pain I have been causing, but I was completely taken back by their statements about this man who chooses to be happy. Choosing happiness is something I teach, something I practice – even in moments of sadness, I experience it through the state of being Love, Joy, Peace. Hearing them declare that the man who was always happy was only happy because he was wearing rose-colored glasses and in denial cut me to the core and got me thinking about my strong emotional response to their statements.

Until about five years ago, I frequently received the feedback all the time that I was an incredibly angry person. I was befuddled because I “thought” I was a generally happy person. I mean, I smiled a lot and laughed a lot and played a lot. But, something about me created an energy of anger for everyone around me. I know what that “something” is. I was angry all the time. I was in a state of being angry all the time, but “thinking” myself as happy. I was masking my anger under my “happy face” and that is how denial looks. There is a difference between being happy all the time and thinking you’re happy all the time. People experience those two things very differently; the second feels very incongruent and edgy; the first feels very warm and inviting.

It actually is possible to be happy all the time. When a person chooses to live their life from a happy point of view, then they create situations that align with happiness. And, if they find themselves “somewhere” that doesn’t align with their happiness, they change locations. Therefore, they are always happy. It isn’t about changing other people or making others match their expectations. It’s about choosing to be happiness no matter what.

When you are in a state of “thinking” you are something that you actually are not being, it creates an irritating energy around you that others can pick up. If you are receiving feedback that doesn’t match what you “think” you are, it is an invitation to look at where that energy leak is. Where are you out of integrity? What are you not seeing? What are you choosing to tolerate or view through fancy glasses that tweaks your world so that it matches your expectations?

When you are in a state of “being” something that you want to be, it creates congruency, strength, comfort, and stability. When you begin consistently receiving feedback that matches your ultimate wants for your experience of yourself, then you can know that you have mastered the art of being what you truly want to be.

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