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Today, I sat with a very dear friend, who is also a client, and who, for three weeks now, has felt the energy of death around her. I often forget the power of The Phoenix and her tendency to bring in the death aspect of transformation, so I didn’t see my friend’s announcement coming, although I wasn’t surprised when she finally revealed why she wanted to speak privately.

I got to be witness to her as she faced into what that meant for her, for her young family. It was an opportunity for me to not jump to the “you shouldn’t be thinking like this” that is so common in human beings when they hear someone talking about death. And because of that, I had the honor of simply listening, holding space for her truths to come through, and being present for her very real tenderness.

This experience provided me the opportunity, yet again, to face into what I believe to be true about death and what I have witnessed of death. It was a reminder that “death” does not always mean the separation of the eternal aspect of the person from the limited, physical vehicle of the body. Sometimes, the death energy that is present is emotional, mental, or spiritual. Sometimes, it is the death of dreams, beliefs, religious constructs, partnerships, marriages, careers, or goals. And sometimes, it is physical… the actual dying of self or a loved one.

Some Profoundly Sensitive People are viscerally aware of the death energy. Some of them can actually feel the death of their own cells as each cell completes its own life cycle. Some of them are aware of transition energy in the atmosphere so strongly, they can only describe it as the feeling of dying and therefore they become very certain they are about to die.

What I have come to know to be true is this… when you CHOOSE to let go, welcome death, and honor it, you are liberated. This does not mean you will die immediately. Nor does it mean you must commit suicide because you’ve said you “want to die.” What it means is that you’ve released Death’s hold over you and surrendered to the process of transitioning from this planet when the time is right for you – because, every person will be released from this planet through death and they only go at their individually appointed time.

When you sense that you are ready to die or are complete with this planet, being accountable for that opens up the space in which to truly live. Choosing death is, ironically, choosing Life.

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