Been thinking about being Rich lately. And when I say “rich” I mean MONEY. I know that I am blessed richly with all things non-monetarily related. I am, however, experiencing scarcity in my MONEY department. To this point in my life, that has been par for the course.

I have several men in my life that are geniuses with money. I have yet to discover a woman that I would categorize as such. And, that could be because I am choosing to not seeing the few women that I judge as “could be” financial wizards as actually being such. I don’t know. It could be because those women don’t speak about their money life in explicit details. The men will flat out tell me how much money they have created this year, how much money they have brought in. They are willing to give actual amounts. The women don’t do that. Perhaps it is because I don’t ask the women… conundrum…

At any rate… Last night, I was speaking with one of these money wizards and discovered he will be bringing in lots of money by year end. I was blown away when I asked him flat out what he would make this year and he told me the actual amount without even blinking. For some reason, I thought it would be too personal of a question to ask or, if I had the balls enough to ask the question, he would be iritated by the invasion and not answer. Not so. He explained to me the difference between “bringing home and spending money” and “making money.” Two totally different realms. Who knew?!

The interesting correlation I am discovering in these men is that they operate under a “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.” sort of policy. For me, I judge that to be dishonest, as if one is hiding something. To these men they judge it as “it is my business, no one elses, thus it is none of their business and they don’t need details.” What I am curious about is this: they trust ME enough to answer my direct questions and they DO tell me. Hmmmm… that is an awareness that just hit me in this moment. I am really curious about that…

I have thought about “don’t ask, don’t tell” a lot since he and I talked last night. In fact, I actually dreamt about it last night. I have wondered… is that what it takes to be wealthy? A don’t ask, don’t tell attitude? Is that the line of thinking I need to adopt? Can I even do that? And is this blog already a violation of that theory??? Eeegads… conundrum, indeed!

Last night, our conversation went something like this (and I am fairly certain that this IS telling so I am already blowing it! Sheesh!):
Money Man, “You can make good money too, if you want.”
Angie, “really?”
Money Man, “Yes, of course, but I don’t think you want to. You were taught that money is evil, and that it doesn’t bring happiness, so you don’t pursue it. By the way, it does bring happiness.”
Angie, “Actually, I have discovered that it is more along the lines of me being not worthy.”
Money Man, “You are not only worthy, you live in country that expects you to be rich. It’s called the American Dream.”
Angie, “Which is easy for you to say because you believe that and have that.”
Money Man, “I don’t believe it, I live it. It is not a belief. It is as simple as wanting to buy an apple, and going to the store and doing it. If you don’t go to the store, you will never have the apple. And if I don’t have the money for the apple, and want the apple, I still go to the store. Why? Because then I find out how much it costs, if it is important to me, and then I find a way to get it. You have to play the game to win. Think rich, act rich, become rich. Really.. I’m not just blowing smoke… it is true.”

And on it went. According to this man who I judge to be rolling in money, there is something to thinking rich, acting rich and then, POOF! I will magically have wealth. It is the Be/Do/Have psychology that we have spoke about in my trainings. Yeah. I hear you.

My question is… how does one THINK rich?

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