This morning, I was driving to work. I was somewhat oblivious to the goings-on about me as I was in deep thought. I was first in line at an intersection where my light was red. A vehicle had emerged slowly into the center of the intersection waiting to turn left. His left turn would put him, eventually, parallel to me going in the opposite direction.

Still dreamy, I stared at this car and didn’t really let anything soak in. Then, the driver began making wild gestures which snapped me out of my reverie and got me singularly focused on him. Apparently, his light had turned yellow, then “orange” and it was his rightful time to turn. However, the monster truck going straight through the same intersection on an “orange” light did not think that he needed to stop. So he continued barrelling on through, taking everyone’s lives in his hands.

He zoomed through leaving a swirling cloud of snow in his wake and an immensely angry Left-Turner who continued gesturing wildly at him, swearing loudly – judging by his grimacing face and enunciated mouth formations. Then, for the coup de gras, Left-Turner flipped the bird at the errant truck driver who was long gone and, I am fairly certain, preoccupied with his own life, which made him unconcerned with the fact that Left-Turner was having a meltdown.

Then I wondered, did Left-Turner feel better after the gesticulations?

Then I thought of myself when I behaved thusly. Generally, I don’t feel any better. In fact, I usually feel like a fool for behaving as such.

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