I awoke on the edge of a dream that all at once comforted me and startled me. It was a reminder of what is to come, what will be asked of me and how I will perform. I feel appreciative and tender for the images presented to me and the messages within…

Today, I feel grateful for… this small marble figurine of an elephant in motion with its trunk raised proudly to the sky. When I look at it I am reminded of the strength, power and persistence that the elephant embodies * beside it is a pewter figurine of a small dinosaur breaking free from his eggshell. His head and tail are out, but his body is still encrusted with the cracked shell. That feels SO MUCH like me right now * the sound of my eggs boiling… the sound of the shells tinkling against the metal pan (interesting… I seem to have an egg theme going today) * laughing until my sides hurt deliciously * walking in the sunshine and then walking in the rain * ASL * a snack of bananas and peanut butter * my working car * the angel card I pulled today… “Abundance”!

I AM, indeed, so happy to BE alive!

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