The eyes, they say, are the entrance to the Soul. It is often the reason why people feel uncomfortable when gazes are held longer than socially acceptable. The Soul, the Divine Essence of who we are, is a delicate place. Far from fragile, but incredibly vulnerable in the pure innocence of it. The Soul is our Aliveness and our Purpose and, often times, people are frightened by their Aliveness and their Purpose.

Even though eyes are the entry to the Soul, I have the ability to see into the Soul of anyone before me, even if they won’t unshield their eyes. I went through a period of time where I felt ashamed about this ability because I often received the feedback that *I* was wrong for doing it. People would say, “Stop looking at me!” or “You’re being invasive.” Even, in the beginning of my healing work, my clients would be uncomfortable with me “looking” into them, even though they had hired me to do energy work with them. I was confused about the frequent feedback and thought it was me that was “doing it wrong.” So, I stopped looking.

I came to understand that, for me, if I am out of integrity in any area of my life, it effects every area of my life. If I was hiding the fact that I was having an affair with my former husband or my checkbook was totally out of balance, then these little lies crept into my vision, skewing how the energy came out. People could innately feel my incongruent aspects, but couldn’t place why they felt uncomfortable and that would result in them demanding that I stop looking at them. Part of the reason (I’ll get to the other part in a bit) they were feeling invaded was because my energy was skwonky.

Until I was willing to look into the common denominator – me – I couldn’t understand the rejection. Once I realized that the source of their discomfort – or part of it – was a result of my incongruent behaviors, it gave me the opportunity to clean up my life so I was in alignment. And, while I am by no means perfect, I am now certain of where I am in all areas of my life. There is nothing more disconcerting than a doctor who tells you you need to “get healthy” and then you leave his office to find him in the back alley smoking. As an energy healer who teaches about embracing the Love within, it is imperative that *I* am embracing the Love within and any lie that I am living is unloving. Therefore, it is a contradiction of what I teach. I now understand the importance of being in alignment and, if you are any sort of healer, I invite you to look into this for yourself.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an all-day women’s event that was focused on releasing our false beliefs around money. I had met the presenter once before, over a year ago. I came alone and I was surprised to find out that there was not one woman in that space that I knew. I had seen a couple of the faces at events over the years, but I had never talked to any of them before. In the past, I would have left because I was so uncomfortable in myself that I couldn’t tolerate being anywhere where I was a Lone Wolf. I made note that, this time, I didn’t even question whether I would stay or not. I found a seat, made myself comfortable and settled in for the day.

Because I have practiced the Art of Seeing for decades now and because I understand the importance of me remaining in alignment, I’m really clear when I’m aligned or not. This day, I knew I was clear. Toward the end of the event, we did an empowering practice where we lined up and stood before a partner and gazed at them, directly in the eyes, and then whispered empowering words to them, before moving on to the next person in line and doing the same thing. It was one experience right after another and I got to witness the comfort level of each woman in front of me. Because I was certain of my alignment, I was able to be with each woman and be witness to her beauty, her power, her Divine Nature, her Love. It was incredible! I was able to feel those who were drinking in the experience and those who were batting it away. Some were really subtle with their rejection of Love. Others were blatantly obvious and saying things like, “You’re reading me too much.”

In the past, I would have shut down my ability immediately when I heard that because, back then, I didn’t believe in myself. However, that is no longer the case. I felt my old self battle for a moment to close off my eyes, but instead, I held the space steadily, continuing to look in her eyes, even though she refused to look directly into mine.

I checked in… was I unconsciously reading her? No. I was clear that I had not violated her space, I hadn’t gone within to start “digging.”

I simply held the space, pulled more Divine Love through me and poured it upon her, saying, “I am appreciating you.”

She shook her head, not wanting to receive it. She looked decidedly away from me, stepped out of the space even though the person in front of her was not ready to move, and refused to ever look back at me as tears rolled down her face.

It was in that moment that years of research, training, practice, and witnessing all fell together with a resounding click. The other component of their discomfort is in their court. It is how they are out of alignment. In every interaction, there is 100% accountability for me and 100% accountability for the other person. Therefore, I had to look at the fact that it wasn’t “just” me who was playing into the energy of the situation. They had a part in it too.

I have come to understand that their portion of the discomfort was most often based on the belief that they were unworthy of Love. Because I am a Love Beacon, if someone stands in front of me with a language running that says, “I am unloveable.” or “I have to earn love.” or “I am not worthy.” or “I’m not enough.” or “I am not worthy of love.” Any false belief along those lines will make them uncomfortable in the face of love.

It is important to understand what energy it is that you magnify. Is it Peace? Love? Joy? What is your Divine Core Energy? Knowing that, empowers you to better support your clients, friends, loved ones. Knowing that, when you realize that you are triggering someone, you are able to hone in on what energy they are rejecting and where their beliefs are contradictory to full aliveness. You are also able to develop a deep compassion and tenderness where you may not have had it before.

In that moment, I felt such overflowing compassion for that beautiful woman who had rejected the love and appreciation I was offering her. In that moment, I witnessed how *I*  experienced that rejection and I had a moment of quiet celebration for myself in that, I realized that it wasn’t “my fault” and I wasn’t “wrong” or “bad” or “too much.” In that moment, I continued to hold the space of love and appreciation and I chose to turn it inward, pouring it into the entry of my own Soul.

Each time you offer Love to another and it is rejected, take a look at yourself first to verify that you’re clear, then release yourself from the responsibility of their discomfort. Continue to magnify that Love, filling yourself up first. Because, who knows, the next person who comes in contact with you just may be the person who allows that Love to enter their Soul.


I always welcome your thoughts, questions, and comments. Feel free to jot down what you’re thinking in the comment box below.

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