image courtesy of and linked to originating artist

image courtesy of and linked to originating artist

My Dear Sensitives, sometimes, in your attempt to be fully accountable for your experience and by choosing to be transparent and honest about your experience, you can open yourself up to people who are not prepared to honor your truths and may even use your truths against you.
When you enter a situation with the intention to be fully vulnerable with someone who is unwilling/unable to do the same, you cannot expect that person to match your level of transparency or even accountability.
For those who are committed to utter openness and living in the raw vulnerability of the present moment, it can come as a shock when interacting with someone who believes they are “right,” who is closed to feedback, who is only interested in proving how everyone else is wrong to protect their rightness, who is committed to blaming others, or who takes your tenderness and turns it around on you as a weapon.
Openness and vulnerability are beautiful strengths and create a magical life for those who are willing to embrace them. Remember to breathe deeply when met with something other than equal accountability, openness, and vulnerability and tread more cautiously into the arena with that person the next time. When we choose to expand even larger than we were when we got hit and embrace the energy of opposition, rather than getting smaller and blocking it, we empower ourselves to transformational shifts of grand proportions!
Get bigger, my friends! Drop the blocks and the barricades, and EXPAND! It’s time to play full out!

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