Fabricated Bipolar Disorder

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I am writing this 3-part series because I feel passionate about something I’m noticing and have been processing for a few days. I am well aware that the following post is controversial. I am not a medical doctor and do not have any formal education in psychology or neurology. Please know, if you are someone who is experiencing bipolar disorder, my heart goes out to you. It can be a very painful experience to find balance in this disorder and I pray you find yours soon.

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about my experience with Ana and what I am witnessing as being fabricated bipolar disorder. Read that post if you haven’t already because today’s post picks up in the story where yesterday’s post left off.

In the car, Ana burst into loud sobs. My daughter looked at me, tears in her eyes. I had tears running down my face. I was so angry.

“Honey,” I said gently, “What is going on?”

“Mom thinks I am bipolar,” sob, sob, hiccup, “She keeps telling me ‘you’re bipolar just like your dad’ and she keeps telling me I need to go to a psychiatrist and get on meds so I’ll stop being bipolar.”

The story went on and on and the more that she shared – which she hasn’t ever done because the emotional manipulation stipulates that to speak of her experiences is a violation of her mother’s trust – the angrier I got. Because I have been witness to so much of Ana’s life, I have a firm awareness that Ana is not bipolar. It seems that Ana could be severely depressed and has been since before she was born for very understandable reasons. I’m not going to go into Ana’s life story here or reveal the facts that make it so easy to understand her possible depression or all the reasons I am so angry with Sue, but there is one level that I will talk about: this child with healthy human emotions is being taught in the most painful of ways that her natural born emotions are wrong; she is being made to believe that she is bipolar.

Ana is experiencing ongoing emotional abuse. Sue is continually planting seeds in Ana’s mind that Ana is broken, bipolar, and inadequate “just like your father.” That kind of abuse sinks in, goes to the core, and becomes who that person IS! Sue is successfully making her daughter into a person who struggles with bipolar disorder. Sue is fabricating bipolar disorder for Ana because Sue is uncomfortable with Ana’s emotional life.

Here’s the controversial part. (And, again, for those of you who are struggling with this disorder, I send out my love to you. I believe you are whole and I applaud you for seeking ways to find balance. If you have a fabricated bipolar disorder, there is hope of release…)

I have experienced a long stream of clients who, when we boiled down their misery to the core nugget of discomfort, it has come through in their embarrassed revelation, “I’m bipolar.” (Let’s forget for a moment that, in that statement, they have reinforced their state of being. They have reiterated someone’s diagnosis of them and they have nurtured their seed of imbalance so they are actually creating over and over the state of being bipolar!) Then, when we examined their “bipolar disorder,” we have discovered that one of their parents were also “bipolar.” Okay. That lines up with what the “medical authorities” say. However, what western medicine says is “Take this pill” and people flatline and are declared “cured.”

If we are emotionally flatlined, there isn’t a lot of movement in our life. There isn’t an actual experience of what is going on around us. Emotions are what make us human, what make us alive. Life IS movement, it IS up and down, it IS emotional. On this planet, life IS an emotional experience. It’s why we chose to come here. When we take that pharmaceutical cocktail to “balance” us, we are killing what makes us human.

Our nation is breeding a bipolar society. Because people are copping out on being human and facing into all that means – mainly, feeling those emotions that are divinely theirs – we are getting lazy. We are becoming zombies. We are turning into machines. These drugs do NOT heal us. They do NOT fix the disorder. They merely turn off our emotions. They make it so we are not alive.

What I have witnessed is… when these people with “bipolar disorder” really want to be healed, they can be. When they learn how to be accountable and to choose to be alive on this planet and actually feel their emotions, they have gotten better! Suddenly, they don’t need drugs, they don’t need alcohol, they don’t need medications. They begin living – they begin feeling – and they suddenly can function and sleep and eat and BE alive! When this occurs, they can see how they were manipulated into a fabricated disorder.

Your emotions are a gift. They are an indication that you are alive. They are your divine birthright. They are naturally occurring. How you respond to these emotions is an entirely different matter and that is where our nation is failing miserably. Because we have opted for generations to medicate this “illness,” people haven’t learned the tools of healthily expressing emotions. But, that is what this generation is about. In this time and age, we have so many tools of healing available to us, so much support, so much education, so many healers who are willing to walk beside us as we heal our “disorders” – especially those that have been fabricated for us.

If you are living with fabricated bipolar disorder, find a healer you trust who specializes in healing old wounds, generational patterns, DNA programs, and past lives. Find a healer who can support you in learning to recognize the signs of aliveness – your emotions. Find a healer who can mentor you through becoming accustomed to the sensations of emotion and the expression of them. Release yourself from the prison that someone else built for you. Because, every day that you choose to give into their fabrication, you are choosing their lie, you are choosing to be what they say you are.

You are a divine creature here on Earth to do beautiful, miraculous things. Your existence here is proof of that alone. Please find someone who believes in you and can help you find the key to release you from the prison that is not yours to dwell in.

There is hope. I promise.

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