Over the years, I have been asked similar questions by many different people. This page contains a collection of some of the most popular questions with their accompanying answers.

I live in Timbuktu. Can I still hire you for readings, healing work, or graphic designs?

Absolutely! In today’s modern age, with all the fabulous technology we have to play with, I most assuredly can work with you no matter where you are. As long as it’s on Earth. Well… and a few other locations, but that’s an entirely different topic.

How do I pay you for your services?

I use PayPal for receiving money in appreciation of my services and products. I’m also open to receiving gifts through PayPal if you get the nudge to do so. :)

I want a cheap logo. Do you do those?

If you’re looking for cheap, you’ll get what you pay for. If you’re looking for high-quality, workability, usability, attention to detail, and a logo that you’re proud of, then it’s not going to be cheap, but it will definitely be worth it. That is the kind of work I do = “definitely worth it.”

How do you figure out your prices?

I have a good idea about how much time it will take me to do a specific thing – whether it’s graphic design or healing arts. I will have a discussion with you beforehand, to make sure I can provide the service you are looking for, to make sure I am a match for you and you’re a match for me. Then, based on our conversation and my past experiences, I will design a package for you specifically.

I’ve heard a lot about “branding” and wonder what’s so cool about it. Can you tell me?

The shortest version of branding is this: it is the mark you make on the world. What makes that so cool is if you want to make a profitable impact on the world, then you want your branding to match your mission statement. When you are in alignment with your Purpose, your business rings with authenticity and attracts your ideal clients. That translates into money – which, I think, is also pretty cool. If you’d like a more flowery, descriptive, and detailed description of this, visit my “Branding” page.

What topics do you cover in your presentations?

Depending on the group I am working with will depend on the topic I address. I speak about everything from healing from abuse to soul inspired branding to working with Indigo Children. I am also a spontaneous speaker. This means that if the energy of the group is calling through an entirely different topic than the one I “thought” I was going to be addressing, I follow that calling. I speak experientially, incorporating storytelling, body movement, exercises, experiments, and emotional expression. An event with me can be quite an adventure!

Are you expensive to hire?

I believe that anyone who is guided to work with me has been divinely guided to do so and, therefore, the Universe will provide a way for us to work together. I deliver high-end service and products based upon the signed agreement. All of my work – whether it’s healing, graphic design, writing, or art – is programmed to transform my clients and support them to step fully into their Purpose. Keep that in mind when considering hiring me. Some may consider my rates to be exorbitant, but experience has shown me if you are not ready or able to invest in yourself for the cost of my services, then you are not ready to partner with me in the work that we will do together. When you are ready, the way will be provided.

I want a unique piece of art, where I have the original and there are no prints. Do you do that?

Yes. Yes, I do. Let’s talk! Contact Angie for more information

I want to write a book, but I’m a sucky writer. Do you do ghost-writing projects?

Yes, I have done ghost-writing projects. They’re quite fun. I also have done projects where I interview the “author” and then I write the book. Another way to go is to have me mentor you through the process and then I can lay it out and design the cover for you! It’s so amazing to have your own book in print! Let’s talk! Contact Angie for more information

How do I connect with you? The quickest way is via email: Contact Angie for more information

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