I am empathic. Therefore, I feel the pain of others.

Sometimes… telling my truth is uncomfortable. Sometimes… hearing my truth is more uncomfortable for those who are listening. Sometimes… telling my truth means that someone I love is hurt and sometimes that means they go away. I used to force myself to change in an attempt to get them to stay. Sometimes, it worked, but I would be left feeling bereft because *I* was no longer in alignment with my truth. I had veered left of center into an entirely different arena and ended up, more often than not, having no idea who I was.

As a Truth Being, one would think that it would be easy for me to always tell the truth. But when you pair Truth with Empathic abilities, it becomes a double-edged sword. Being honest comes with inherent pain for me – either the pain I cause myself when I dishonor myself to protect another (my past pattern) or the intense pain I experience when I hurt another through my honesty.

I am wondering… where is the “and” in this dynamic? Is it possible to be honest AND do so without pain at every turn?

What is your experience with Truth? Do you experience pain in truth, too? Or have you mastered a pain-free existence with truthfulness? If you have, what tips can you offer?

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