the fanIn our bedroom we have a fan that produces, when on its lowest level, gale force winds that could blow over a small toddler. I love it. We have it for two reasons: 1) our room is about 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house, year-round and, 2) my dad and his wife rise before the butt-crack of dawn and are fairly noisy in the process and the fan drowns out the sounds of their morning rituals.

Actually, it drowns out all of the sounds beyond our room. Quite impressive.

Each morning, when we rise to greet the day, we turn the fan off. It has served its purpose for the night and is not needed during the light of day. The other morning when I turned it off, I stood transfixed and watched as the seemingly invisible blades slowly came into view as it whirred to a gentle stop. As the blades stopped spinning, the volume of white noise decreased to silence in our room. As the white noise in our room decreased, the sounds from outside our room increased. In that process, I had a fleeting wondering… is the white noise of this fan blocking out something I need to be experiencing?

In life, there are things that are of benefit – objects, technology, places that are super powerful and designed to improve our quality of life, to make things go faster, easier. Sometimes though, all of that “stuff” just becomes additional white noise that is blocking out the very things we need to be experiencing. At times, turning off the very thing that is “serving” you is actually a greater act of self-service.

This lovely piece of equipment is a two-fold blessing, providing white noise and circulating air. Each night, I’m very grateful I purchased it. And there comes a time when it must rest and I must hear life and enjoy the color that is all around me.


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2 Responses to Finding Color in the White Noise

  1. Pete says:

    Like the meditation bell we listen to the sound fade Demond our ears leading us inside it and ourselves, so the fading fan reveals each new day. So it is, nothing more, nothing less …

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