Many years ago, I worked as the office administrator and executive assistant for a very successful general contractor of high end, design-build homes. This man had built his business from the ground up, on his own, with his own genius, and on the background of a ninth grade level education. It was stunning to watch his mind work and to see how he could make anything happen that he set his mind to. Being up close and personal with that sort of brilliance gave me an opportunity to also see the flaws in his thinking and the skewed thought processes he sometimes went through that led to some very disastrous results.

One of those faulty concepts was his idea that he had to be available to his clients 24/7. He had his phone with him everywhere he went and he answered, no matter what. On one hand, his clients grew to trust that they could call him at any time – and they did. But, on the other hand, they called him at any time. He had no personal time to account for because, no matter what he was doing, whom he was with, where he was, or what time it was, he answered that phone – even at 2:00am.

Many days, he would come into the office looking groggy and puffy-eyed and I would ask if everything was okay and he would reply, “Oh yeah. I didn’t get much sleep. So-and-so just got home from some-foreign-country at 2:00am he wanted to get an update about the job,” or “So-and-so’s wife had a dream about the remodel and called me at 1:30am to talk about redesigning the layout of the kitchen and then I couldn’t get back to sleep.”

He often complained about having no time to himself and that he couldn’t get any peace. He felt he was always running from disaster to disaster and there was never any break. He also felt like he was constantly being battered about like a ship on the open water in a tsunami. His clients were literally running him ragged by running his life and he felt like a slave to them – and he had chosen and created that dynamic.

You found me through the work I do – you have been touched, inspired, or awakened through my work. And, I can pretty much guarantee that you are a Sensitive – a person who is able to see, feel, and hear things that others may not pick up on – because that is what I attract. Perhaps you aren’t aware that you’re a Sensitive or perhaps you are denying it or perhaps you’re just waking up to it, but you are a Sensitive, nonetheless.

As a Sensitive, you have the bittersweet experience of being… well… sensitive. You pick up on a lot of things, feel a lot of things, and see a lot of things. Sometimes the world seems overwhelming and chaotic and just “too much.” And that is never more apparent than when you are being run about by life and being a slave to others – when your ship’s captain has fallen overboard and you are being tossed about on choppy seas.

My invitation to you is to look at your life and do some inquiry. In what areas are others running you around? Who is in control of your ship? Are you saying “yes” to everything because you’re afraid to say “no” to the things that are not a match? Are you saying “yes” to everything because you’re afraid abundance (health, wealth, happiness) won’t come otherwise?

These questions are pivotal explorations for a Sensitive. When your answers to these questions are in alignment with you being at choice and at the helm of your ship, they help design your life  in a way that calms the seas. When you are in command of your decisions, your actions, your beliefs, your words, your thoughts, and your emotions, you are able to sail those calm waters with confidence. You are also able to experience the freedom you have been longing for because you have the say on what happens in your life.

Are you choosing freedom or slavery?

© Angie K. Millgate

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