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LabyrinthFor the past several days, I have been staying on a Sanctuary atop the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. My best friend is Proprietress of this space that is nestled on the massive expanse of land in the middle of a forest.A few years ago, a horrendous storm came through and cleared a vast area near the bottom of the property. In that clearing, we are building a beautiful, 11-circuit Labyrinth to provide support for meditative processes during retreats and workshops that are hosted here. Between the current thunderstorms, which are life-threatening at this altitude, she, her partner, I, and a few of our friends have been patiently and lovingly putting the final logs in place.In one quarter of this gigantic project, we were experiencing ongoing confusion and problematic connections. No matter how my friend and I looked at it, turned around in it, counted it, or did math, we couldn’t figure out why things were not lining up properly.

In frustration, she hiked back up to the house to find clarity and her original blueprint of the Labyrinth and then trekked back down to where I stood, dumbfounded in the center of a circuit, completely unable to make ends meet.I had stood there alone, musing over logs and placement while she had gone on her journey, hoping I would have the “perfect answer” once she returned. But there was no hope. Even after the blueprint arrived, the answer still did not directly reveal itself. It wasn’t until I walked over each and every row, following the path on the blueprint with my finger, that I found what the problem was. Whoever had originally laid the logs in the final ring had closed off a path where there should have been an opening.

That one 4-foot mistake had caused an entire jumble of confused people, crossed paths, and unsettled logs. Nothing we did could clean it up because there was a closure where there should have been an  opening and we couldn’t see that because we were standing in the middle of the problem. No matter what we shifted and shuffled, we could not clear the misalignment because it was so subtle. It took us getting outside the problem, returning to the original plan, and following that through in clear alignment until the glitch showed itself.

Life is like that. When faced with a confusing issue, the answer is often difficult to see. Although the solution is always readily available within the problem, it usually cannot be seen because the problem itself is blocking it. Einstein has been quoted as saying, “A problem cannot be resolved from the level at which the problem was created.” And, in this case, our Labyrinth confusion could not be cleared from within. We needed to get outside the problem and seek assistance from a clear source. We needed the clear, concise direction of the original blueprint to provide an answer for the jumbled up mess we were caught in.

When faced with a problem you cannot resolve on your own, it helps to have a coach or a fresh set of eyes that you trust look into it and help you uncover your answer. Having someone that supports you in finding your own answers is beneficial and having access to their tools and skills is also helpful when you are unable to get clear all by yourself. And, in the long run, it saves time to be willing to step outside the problem, look at it from another angle, and allow the solution to reveal itself. Sometimes, it only takes one small adjustment and everything else falls right into place.

© Angie K. Millgate 07/29/13


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